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ENVE wheels are the darling of the cycling world. American artisans create drool-worthy carbon rims that adorn the hottest bikes, period. We’re proud to be an official ENVE dealer. Based out of Ogden, Utah, ENVE has been producing high-quality carbon bike wheels and components since 2007. Proudly built in the USA, ENVE emphasizes their build quality with all products being backed by a 5-year limited warranty. 

From World Cup podiums to weekend laps, ENVE wheels and components are made to provide the ultimate riding experience while saving massive amounts of weight on your bike. No matter your riding discipline ENVE has a wheelset for you. From the light, stiff, and aero SES carbon road wheels, to the bomb-proof World Cup caliber M-Series carbon mountain bike wheels, all ENVE wheels are available in multiple depths, widths, and price points to suit your preference. 

ENVE Wheels

Race on Sunday, ride the next 6 days after. All ENVE wheels are made to be an everyday race wheel that brings professional-grade performance to all your rides, whether casual or race-focused. ENVE wheels are hand-built in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards so you never have to worry about their ability to handle potholes in the road or that gnarly rock garden coming up. 

ENVE MTB wheels have seen the top step on World Cup, enduro, and CX podiums. Built to the highest standards, ENVE’s M-Series of wheels range from cross country, trail, enduro, all-mountain, and downhill. 

All modern ENVE MTB wheels come with ENVE’s flat protection technology, eliminating the need for weighty, hard-to-install wheel inserts. All M-Series wheels come tubeless ready for traction in the worst conditions, from loose, kitty-litter sand, to slippery PNW roots. 

ENVE road bike wheels are light, stiff, strong, and aero. Attributes any road rider will seek out to compliment their bike. ENVE’s SES line of wheelsets come in unequal front and rear rim depths. Unequal rim depths not only improve aero efficiency but reduce the effects of crosswinds from blowing you all over the road like a sailboat in a hurricane. 

From the aero-climber SES 3.4 to the TT/triathlon racing SES 7.8 carbon wheels, ENVE has everything covered from triathlon, gran fondo, gravel, bikepacking, and whatever other adventures you may find yourself on. 

ENVE Components
ENVE makes high-end components ranging from aluminum mountain bike stems to carbon gravel bike forks. Built with the same quality ENVE has become known for in their wheels, ENVE components are built to withstand the use and abuse associated with all disciplines of biking. From carbon aero bars to carbon MTB stems, all ENVE components are backed by their 5-year limited warranty to ensure you stay out riding no matter what may come your way.

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