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Orbea Road Bikes

Orbea has been making road bikes in the Basque country since 1920. They have a long tradition of working with racers, from 1930 to today. As their home base and racers face all conditions, Orbea prefers balanced bikes. On the road, Orbea bikes tend to tip a bit toward climbing efficiency, but they like versatility. A bit about Orbea naming conventions. The models often have numbers, like 10-50 after the model names, like Orbea Orca M30. The lower the number, the more refined the frame material and the lighter the components. Something with a 10, Pro, or LTD is top-shelf. M is for carbon fabrication, H for aluminum, frequently hydroformed. Orbea has MyO or My Orbea custom paint program, so don’t be surprised to find interesting one-off paint jobs on the Orbea’s sold here.

Orbea Orca


Orca is short for ORbea CArbon. It’s their traditional road racing frameset. Orbea joined the aero road bike party with the Orbea Orca Aero in 2017 and now have taken those lessons into a new Orca and Orca Aero. The Orca is a lightweight frame with aero shaping, while the Aero is a full-on aero road bike, including a frame-mounted aero cowling toolbox for the underside of the downtube. If either of the Orcas seems too long and low, they have the Avant as their endurance bike, which offers more stack and less reach, but is still fun and fast.

Orbea Terra


The Terra first arrived in 2017 as a do-it-all gravel bike. The second iteration has grown in some capabilities, mainly room for bigger tires that are able to handle rougher terrain. But they split the latest Terras into a faster carbon version and a more adventurous aluminum one, with the latter having mounts for racks.

Orbea Ordu


The Ordu triathlon bike has evolved from something that looked like a tweaked road frameset to a sleek, computer-generated drag-reducing machine with lots of integration. They have gone back and forth with the bayonet-fork design, and the latest takes full advantage of it, partially thanks to the rotor-disc only design.


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