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Orbea Road Bikes - New & Used

Shop new and used orbea road bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find models like the Orca M31, M21, and more. 

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Orbea has been making road bikes in the Basque country since 1920. They have a long tradition of working with racers, from 1930 to today. As their home base and racers face all conditions, Orbea prefers balanced bikes. On the road, Orbea bikes tend to tip a bit toward climbing efficiency, but they like versatility. A bit about Orbea naming conventions. The models often have numbers, like 10-50 after the model names, like Orbea Orca M30. The lower the number, the more refined the frame material and the lighter the components. Something with a 10, Pro, or LTD is top-shelf. M is for carbon fabrication, H for aluminum, frequently hydroformed. Orbea has MyO or My Orbea custom paint program, so don’t be surprised to find interesting one-off paint jobs on the Orbea’s sold here.



Weight (55cm)



19.2 lbs

Orca Aero

Aero race

18.8 lbs



17.1 lbs



23.2 lbs

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