Orbea Mountain Bikes


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Orbea Mountain Bikes

Mountains are right outside Orbea’s door in Spain’s Basque Country. With a long history of bike building and plenty of nearby trails, they were a quick study. The Orbea lineup consists of five bikes, from the super light XC Alma to the enduro-ready Rallon and three electric mountain bikes. Orbea has a custom paint program, MyO, meaning there are lots of one-off finishes around. Their naming conventions designate H for aluminum and M for carbon.


Orbea Oiz


Oiz, pronounced OY-eth, is a mountain visible from Orbea’s factory. A true MTB playground. The Oiz is a full-suspension trail bike that can be set up either for cross-country, at 100mm of travel, or trail riding, at 120. The shock is basically the same, with the stroke lengthened. As a racer, it’s light and fast, with the Pro version weighing less than 25lb. Set up with 120mm, the TR is slacker and ready for techy trails. Orbea includes a three-stage suspension remote: Squidlock. Ride open, closed, or medium, leaving the fork open but firming the rear. No matter how it’s set up, it’s light, fast, and a zippy climber.

Orbea Occam


The name comes from “Occam’s Razor,” and the best solution is the most simple. Fitting for an everything bike. It also comes in two versions, a super-capable trail bike that favors climbing and the LT, long travel, with 10mm more suspension travel that prefers the descents. Their H30 and H20 are super values fabricated out of aluminum.


Orbea Rallon


The Rallon, “RAY-on,” another Spanish mountain, is the enduro whip. While designed for going down, it’s also a decent climber. In 2018, the bike had 160/150mm of travel. For 2022, it was redesigned with 170/160mm of travel and a progressive leverage curve for small-bump

sensitivity that won't blow through the travel too quickly. It has also gotten the longer, lower, and slacker treatment for extreme confidence in extreme conditions. 


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