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Kona Mountain Bikes For Sale

Shop Kona mountain bikes today at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular models like the Big Honzo aluminum hardtail, Process enduro bikes, and more. Enjoy hassle-free shipping and 30-day returns with TPC. 

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They came into being in 1988, and some of their bikes even have a cult following. However, Kona has never been so big as to be a dominant player, even with their extensive line of bikes. Early design statements were straight blade forks, sloping top tubes, and titanium frames. All but the titanium frames live on; they build in steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber (though titanium can be found on the roadside). 

2024 Models

Frame Travel (mm)

Weight (Med)

Process X


32.1 lbs

Process 153


31.4 lbs

Process 134


30.2 lbs



27.4 lbs

Hei Hei


25.9 lbs



31.8 lbs



33 lbs


With their wide range of models, Kona has a bike for every rider. Kona's bike line includes; the Dew, a commuter bike, the Libre, a touring/bike-packing bike, and rounding out the line is the Process, a big-hit gravity whip. In between, they give XC and trail riders plenty of options. The Honzo stands out from the pack; a hardtail, long front travel, a geometry that screams an all-mountain-oriented bike that rides like no other. 

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