Felt Road Bikes


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Felt Road Bikes

Felt road bikes come from a long heritage of racing and continue to move forward by adapting, using, and creating the latest designs and innovations in the industry. Their road bike lineup pushes the limits with endurance, performance, and triathlon bikes that are fast, comfortable, capable, and competition-ready. Felt road bikes are engineered to be racing machines, from the highly aerodynamic IA tri bike to the fast and smooth FR road racer.


Felt FR1


The Felt FR1 is designed to be a light and stiff, precise handling road bike that isn’t afraid to hustle when you say go. Rounded tubes and lightweight construction make it a classic road bike design, while sharp and intuitive handling, a carbon frame, and a precision-tuned chassis ensure a sensationally fast, efficient, and smooth ride. Whether you’re attacking long steep climbs or rapid descents, the FR1 is the complete package; a race-ready all-around road bike that will take you to the finish line. 


Felt IA


The Felt IA is a competition-ready triathlon bike equipped with exceptional aerodynamics, effortless acceleration, first-class handling, and over 30 years of relentless design and development. You can confidently and comfortably tackle any course with an aerodynamic carbon frame, integrated storage, and top-notch groupset options from Shimano Dura-Ace to SRAM Red eTap. There’s a reason the IA has won the Kona World Championship six times; it’s light, fast, and born to race. 


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