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Specialized Road Bikes - Tarmac, Roubaix, Aethos & More

Shop new & used Specialized road bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular models like the Aethos, Tarmac, Allez, and more. Read our complete Buyer's Guide. Browse our complete selection of Specialized bikes.


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Discover Specialized Road Bikes 

Specialized road bikes are a pinnacle in the world of cycling, providing a diverse range of models to cater to all disciplines. Known for their race victories and high-quality builds, Specialized bikes are a preferred choice for serious cyclists, road racing enthusiasts, and endurance riders. Whether chasing speed with the Tarmac or yearning for the multi-discipline versatility of bikes like the Diverge and Allez, Specialized offers an exemplary road bike to meet your aspirations. 

Specialized Tarmac: The Speed Chaser

The Tarmac is a legendary line that embodies professional-grade performance for the racer in you. With its lightweight design, each iteration, including the cutting-edge SL7, marks an advancement in speed and precision engineering. Impeccably balanced and agile, the Tarmac is a bike that fulfills the dream of pro racing standards for everyday riders.

Aethos: Redefining Lightness

Enter the realm of extreme lightness without compromising on performance with the Aethos. This bike is for riders who demand the utmost in weight savings and top-tier ride quality, perfect for both competitive climbers and weight weenies.

Roubaix: Endurance Rides Redefined 

Famed for its comfort and speed-focused nature, the Roubaix utilizes Future Shock technology to tame rough roads and make endurance rides a joy. With geometry designed for long hours on the saddle, it's a bike that doesn't shy away from the cobbles, providing a smooth experience without sacrificing efficiency.

Allez: The Racers' Choice

From the amateur enthusiast to the up-and-coming racer, the Allez and Allez Sprint models are the gateway to competitive road racing. Built with a focus on speed, they represent a commitment to racing excellence without the intimidating price tag, appealing to a broad range of riders seeking performance and reliability.

Diverge & Sequoia: For the Rough and Ready

With the discontinuation of the Sequoia, the Diverge stands as the ultimate tool for gravel riding and adventure-filled days. This model merges the toughness needed for off-road excursions with a design calibrated for optimal riding experience on various terrains, including unpredictable off-beaten paths.

Shiv: Mastering Time Trials and Triathlons

For those who face the clock and demand aerodynamic superiority, the Shiv is synonymous with time trial and triathlon success. Every detail of this bike is honed for wind-cheating performance, enabling riders to push limits and set personal bests.

A Note on Discontinued Models

While some bikes have been retired, such as the Venge, and women’s endurance bikes, like the Ruby and Dolce, their legacy remains entrenched in the Specialized family tree. These models have passed the torch to others who continue to embody the spirit of innovation and performance.

Specialized continues to celebrate a tradition of blending superior technology with the needs of real-world riders. 

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