Specialized Turbo Levo

When Specialized set out to build a designated trail e-bike, they made sure it would ride like a true Specialized mountain bike, despite the added weight and size. The Turbo Levo is consciously based on the Stumpjumper, a bike known for its versatility since 1981.  

Specialized designed the Turbo Levo with more travel than a traditional trail bike, a reflection of the needs of the Turbo Full Power System motor. The mullet wheels, slack, adjustable headtube angle, and custom geometry tweaked for each size continue the tradition of an ultra-versatile trail bike. The Turbo Levo features an LCD for the controller on the top tube, handlebar-mounted buttons to adjust the assist in 10% increments, and up to a five-hour assist range.


Turbo Levo SL


Turbo Levo SL designates Specialized e-MTBs. The Turbo SL line of bikes consists of the S-Works version, Expert, and Comp Carbon models. All the Turbo Levo models share the same frame but differ in the build specs. Specialized also has a Comp version in aluminum alloy, which constitutes the entry point for this family. Wallets rejoice. 


Turbo Levo Comp


The Turbo Levo Comp is at the bottom of the Levo SL line but at the top of the Turbo Levo family. While the names get confusing, the models are all roughly identical. There are carbon fiber and alloy variants. Depending on the price and year, the motor changes, as does the top tube display, fork travel, and weight. They’re all based on the same geometry, ride characteristics, and will deliver the same thrills.    

S-Works Turbo Levo


This is what happens when Specialized dials everything to 11 on an e-MTB. The carbon fiber deployed is Specialized’s 11M, the same mix they use for their human-powered S-Works Stumpjumper. It is also built with a similar parts spec, but with added travel and oversized rotors.