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Bike Stems - Carbon, Aluminum Road Bike & MTB Stems

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Bike stems are probably not something you spend much time thinking about, but the right one can fine-tune your geometry, steering, handling, and comfort. Length, rise, ride style, and material like alloy or carbon are worth investigating to find the correct fit and performance on your road or mountain bike

The right length and rise influence handling and reach; even a minor 10mm change in length or a few degrees in rise can make a massive difference. While most stems are made from affordable aluminum, you can also go carbon to save on weight and add stiffness. Try a few stems, talk to a bike fitter, and invest in a stem that matches your ride style and geometry for primo performance and handling.

Mountain Bike Stems

Mountain bike stems dial in fit, response, and handling on the trail, and these days, size certainly does matter. Because modern trail and DH bikes are slacker, a shorter stem around 35mm to 50mm puts your weight in the back for improved handling and stability, XC riders go a tad longer for a faster and more stretched out racing position. 

Race Face and ENVE offer stems in various lengths, rises, and materials for easy shopping and fit. Whatever stem you end up with, remember, the best one offers a quick response that keeps your bike where you want it and keeps your riding position comfortable. 

Road Bike Stems

Road bike stems go long for more stability, predictable handling, and better aerodynamics. Length is the first thing to consider. While the average sweet spot is between 90 to 120mm, you could go longer for a more stretched-out position or shorter for a more upright position on gravel or daily commuting. 

Adding a couple of degrees in rise will bring you upright for greater comfort, while less rise or drop puts you in a lower position for increased speed and stability. Brands like FSA and Zipp come in several different lengths and diameters with carbon and alloy options making it easy to find a perfect match.