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The Benefits Of Buying Used Bike Parts

By Bruce Lin


Used mountain bike SRAM X01 eagle rear derailleur and cassette

Updated: December 30, 2020

If you've been bitten by the cycling bug, you've probably played with the idea of upgrading your bike or building your own from the frame up. There is a definite pleasure in the self-reliance, knowledge, and intimacy you gain when you modify or build up a bike yourself. It's something every bike lover should experience. But upgrades and home builds can feel intimidating or cost prohibitive. Sometimes, obtaining the specific parts you want can become difficult.

If you're looking for used bike parts, The Pro's Closet (TPC) is the world's largest online retailer of used bikes and components. No used bike shop has more selection or expertise. You can find everything from road to gravel to mountain, vintage and rare items, to the latest and greatest tech. If you're patient enough to wait for deals, you can find high-quality used carbon wheels, discounted complete groupsets, or the final component you need to polish off a build. 

Our philosophy is that buying used not only allows you to save money, but extends the life cycle of quality components and gear. It's the type of thing that keeps a sport like cycling thriving, and helps keep gear-head tinkerers like me thriving as well.

Used carbon mountain bike wheel and SRAM X01 eagle cassetteTPC sources its used bike parts from riders and bike shops all around the country. The selection and the options are constantly changing, and new bikes and products are added everyday, so it's worth it to check back often. Carbon wheelsderailleurs, and cassettes are good examples of products I like saving money on by buying used, so I check for them often.

I dove into building a mountain bike this year when I snatched up a modest, well priced 2013 Salsa El Mariachi steel 29er frame from TPC's used frame selection. TPC obtained it from a local Boulder gentleman who kept it in great condition. Perfect for me to beat it up! I knew I wanted to build, a simple, cheap, and durable hardtail fro front range trail exploration. I wanted bike I could climb comfortably on for hours , cover over huge stretches of singletrack, but never have to obsess over maintaining or spend much money on.

For me this meant, a basic Shimano Deore XT 1x10 drivetrain and brakes, sturdy reliable rims laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs, some nice Race Face Turbine cranks, a cheap, used 100mm Fox 32 XC fork in great condition, and a used dropper post. Over the course of the next two to three months I patiently kept eBay tabs open on my browser (patience is key!), but I also regularly checked TPC. There, used bike parts are all organized into easy to browse categories and it's the best way to see The Pros Closet's entire inventory.

Why Buy Used Bike PartsMy cheaply assembled, but supremely reliable Salsa El Mariachi - Built entirely from used bike parts!

TPC made building my bike with used parts easy. They are a veritable well of cycling knowledge. During the process of the build, I was able to get in contact with TPC's Ride Guides to ask questions about everything I was buying, and to make sure I was getting the part I needed (customer service is easy to reach via phone, email, and chat).

When I made a mistake (I bought the wrong type of chainring for my Race Face Cinch cranks), they made it easy to return the part and helped me get the correct part. I've been a loyal buyer ever since, especially after coming to work for TPC selling the very parts I was buying the year before.

Building and upgrading bikes has become a sort of therapy for me, especially during these uncertain times. After the El mariachi experience (which went extremely well!), I've built up two more bikes (a new road bike and gravel bike) from the frame up using the huge collection of used parts I've bought and collected from TPC over the past year. 

The Pro's Closet is full of people who just live and breathe bicycles. We believe in extending the life of existing, quality products by refurbishing and reselling bikes, wheels, components, and more. We want nothing more than for you to get your bike dialed. So buy used. Save some money. Then get out there and ride!


  • 1995 Klein Adroit is it worth new Group O
    Bars and shoxs . Geometry same as 2020 type bike?
    Same of a quantum II
    Worth new parts?

    William cleverly on

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    Something wrong internally with the gear hub I had to put a straight axle through it at the age where I can’t pedal without Coast not laughing

    Ron McCartney on

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    Ezekiel on

  • awesome site great parts

    brian on

  • I have a frame and I need everything else

    Jose on

  • Hello, what an accomplishment.
    I really need help, I’m very close to 60yrs. Old (too close)
    I’m disabled, I have an old style three wheel bicycle…
    I’d like to… please don’t laugh!
    Put training wheels on the front wheel? Maybe alittle bit larger wheel and strong enough brackets. I visualize that this can be done? I’m scared tipping over believe me that can be done.
    For health reasons I should and would ride my trike more if I can feel balanced and safe..
    Thank you for anything you can suggest.
    Kathilynn D’Amico

    Kathilynn D'Amico on

  • Just starting a fun hobby in northern mi luzerne any help or knowledge about buying use every bikes would be awesome alswayx looking for junk broken bikes whats out there near me 48636

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    Terry Manning on

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