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One gift every roadie needs

Every roadie should carry a good multi-tool on their bike, and the best multi-tool around is the small and lightweight Silca Italian Army Knife Nove. It fits anywhere and could save your next ride!

Written by: Bruce Lin

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One gift every road cyclist needs multi toolThe road can be an unpredictable place, so if you’re pedaling out in search of paved adventure, you better carry some repair essentials with you. But don’t just grab some spare tubes and CO2s and call it good. You’ll need one more weapon in your riding arsenal: the Silca Italian Army Knife Nove

Despite its name, the Italian Army Knife isn’t a knife at all, but a compact multi-tool. You see, every rider is bound to experience a mechanical, so having a good multi-tool on you at all times is essential. 


How many times has a multi-tool saved my ride? How many times have I loaned mine out to help another rider? There have been too many instances to count, but allow me to list just some the ways my Italian Army Knife has been used this year:

  • Tightening loose cleat bolts
  • Tightening a loose axle
  • Tightening a loose headset
  • Tightening a loose crankset
  • Straightening handlebars after a crash
  • Straightening levers after a crash
  • Lowering a saddle that’s too high
  • Raising a saddle that’s too low
  • Adjusting derailleur limits
  • Adjusting derailleur b-tension
  • Realigning brake calipers to eliminate rub

Obviously, without this little tool by my side, I’d be stranded on the road somewhere, starving, near death, wishing I had something to fix my broken bike. Carry a multi-tool, people, it could save your life! 

And the Italian Army Knife isn’t just any multi-tool. It’s the best multi-tool for roadies. 

I’m not just saying that because I own three myself. It became my favorite multi-tool because of its small size, low weight, great design, and incredible versatility. 

There are a few versions of the Italian Army Knife, but the Italian Army Knife Nove is perfect for road riding. It tucks away into any saddlebag or jersey pocket, and I never notice that I’m carrying it around (until I need it).  

Despite its size, the Nove can tackle nearly any roadside repair. Most multi-tools this small only have five or six tools. Silca managed to fit nine essential tools (“Nove” is Italian for “nine”) into this tiny package. You get 2,3,4,5,6, and 8mm hex wrenches, a T25 Torx wrench, and Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers. 

What really sets the Italian Army Knife apart is the inclusion of 2mm and 8mm hex wrenches. Many multi-tools omit these sizes, even large ones. The 2mm fits tiny bolts like those found in crank preload adjusters while the 8mm will work for most pedals and crank arm bolts. You may not always need these outlier sizes, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have them. Also, the 8mm wrench bit is designed to fit directly over the 5mm wrench, saving as much space as possible. 

Finally, like all Silca products, the Italian Army Knife Nove is beautifully crafted. Each part of the tool is expertly machined for the best fit and finish and to last a lifetime. There are plenty of multi-tools out there, but the Italian Army Knife Nove is the one that will satisfy road cyclists who demand the best quality. 

Plus, it’s red, the fastest color. So grab one, or two, or three, and make sure you, or the roadie in your life, is ready for anything.

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