Cannondale SuperSix

The Cannondale SuperSix satisfies those who love to ride fast on the road, gravel, or cyclocross course. Designed around versatility, the aerodynamics, comfort, and lightweight frame create a high-performance road bike built to fly on race day or crush last week’s Strava PR. The SuperSix Evo is designed to conquer the road with a lightweight frame that loves to hustle. The SuperSix Evo SE is a gravel racer built for speed and challenging terrain. The SuperSix Evo CX rounds off the lineup as a sweet and speedy UCI-legal cyclocross bike. 


SuperSix Evo

The SuperSix Evo is truly the pinnacle of a race-orientated road bike. It’s ideal for riders looking for an all-arounder road bike versatile enough for long-distance races, punching out miles after work, or conquering big mountain stages. Its exceptionally lightweight and aerodynamic design means you can enjoy a more comfortable and compliant road ride that will take you farther, faster. 


SuperSix Evo SE


The SuperSix Evo SE is a gravel race bike that seamlessly blends aerodynamics, stiffness, and a lightweight build to create an incredible off-road race machine. While new to Cannondale’s lineup and only offered in one spec, this UCI-legal bike pairs perfectly with gravel, dirt, rough roads, and your local crit. Blanched handling, a smooth ride, and a lightweight and aerodynamic frame make the SuperSix Evo SE a thing of gravel beauty.


SuperSix Evo CX


The SuperSix Evo CX is designed to crush it at the cyclocross course. This UCI-legal bike is incredibly fast due to its lightweight and aerodynamic frame, stiff bottom bracket, racy geometry, and ample tire clearance. And not only does it rule cx course, but it’s truly versatile enough to use on long-distance gravel rides.