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Santa Cruz Tallboy Bikes & Framesets For Sale

Shop new & used Santa Cruz Tallboy bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, and prices on various models (Carbon CC, 4) and popular years (2019, 2020 etc). Read our Santa Cruz Tallboy Quick-Take Review below.

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The Santa Cruz Tallboy is a legendary full suspension short travel bike. Now on its fourth generation, the Tallboy has gone from a true XC ride to a capable trail bike. Santa Cruz's VPP suspension design gives the Tallboy maximum efficiency and super responsive handling. Current models come with 120mm of travel, 29er wheels, and more relaxed geometry. Previous generations came with 110mm and 29er or 27.5+ wheels. The Tallboy is a versatile ride that knocks your socks off, tackling long climbs or quickly rolling through technical singletrack.

Is the Santa Cruz Tallboy a trail or downcountry bike?

The Santa Cruz Tallboy is a perfect trail-riding mountain bike. With shorter travel (120/130mm), it’s an exceptionally versatile bike that’s as adept going downhill as it is for XC trail riding. Thanks to this versatility, it’s often hailed as an exceptional bike for long-distance rides and training.

The Tallboy, with that short travel, has the ingredients of a good downcountry bike, but it leans more to trail-riding with its slightly longer travel and relaxed geometry compared to other downcountry bikes. Santa Cruz’s better downcountry option is the Blur TR.

How much does a Santa Cruz Tallboy frame weigh?

A Santa Cruz Tallboy frame weighs between about 6 lbs to 7 lbs, depending on the size (medium to XL). This puts it roughly in the middle of the pack as far as MTB frame weights amongst its competitors.

Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon C - Weight, Specs, Price

2022 Tallboy Carbon C (M)



Travel (mm)

Wheel Size


30 lbs

F: 130 / R: 120


The Santa Cruz Tallboy carbon options are remarkably efficient and packed with all the high-end bells and whistles you could ask for. Offered in two levels of carbon, C or CC, and several component packages from SRAM or Shimano, aluminum, or Reserve carbon MTB wheels. The Tallboy is a lightweight ride that climbs up anything and rolls through everything with confidence. 

2022 Santa Cruz Tallboy Review - A TPC Quick-Take

Riding a trail, especially the challenging ones, often feels like dancing on a tightrope between daring and caution. The 2023 Santa Cruz Tallboy promosies the agility fund on a shorter-travel trail bike while offering a touch of the brawn of enduro models. But does it live up to the Santa Cruz name?


  • Short-travel efficiency: With its 120mm rear travel, the Tallboy combines the benefits of an efficient climber with enough suspension to handle rough patches, making it a genuine all-day bike.
  • Geometry adjustments: The flip-chip adjustment is a commendable feature, allowing riders to tweak the geometry based on terrain or personal preference.
  • Versatile performance: The Tallboy’s character seems adaptable, making it suitable for flowy singletracks and challenging technical descents.
  • Reliable build options: With a range of build kits available, riders can find a configuration that matches their budget and performance needs.


  • Jack of all, Master of None: While the Tallboy endeavors to merge the worlds of XC and enduro, it might not satisfy those who want a dedicated bike for either discipline. It's good at many things but might not be exceptional at one.
  • Weight issues: At ~29 lbs and compared to some competitors in its category, the Tallboy can feel a bit hefty, especially on long climbs, especially compared to modern XC rides.
  • Premium pricing: Like many Santa Cruz models, the Tallboy isn’t easy on the wallet. The high cost might deter some potential buyers, especially newcomers to the sport.
  • Component choices: Some might argue that given the price, certain component choices (like the base model’s brakes or drivetrain) could have been better.

Bottom Line:

Drawing parallels with my sentiments towards the Santa Cruz Blur, bike choices often mirror personal journeys. The 2023 Santa Cruz Tallboy is a testament to adaptability and versatility, striving to blend the worlds of efficiency and ruggedness. However, potential buyers should introspect on their riding needs. If you're chasing a bike that can handle a bit of everything, the Tallboy is a worthy contender. But if your heart seeks the raw purity of a dedicated XC racer or an enduro beast, this middle child might leave you yearning for a touch more specificity.

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