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Santa Cruz 5010 Bikes & Frames For Sale

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The Santa Cruz 5010 is all about being a playful, poppy, and self-assured 27.5 full-suspension trail bike that climbs as well as it descends. Today, it sports MX wheels, internal storage, slack geometry, and 130mm of rear travel with 140mm up front. The 5010 excels in diving in and out of corners and negotiating rough terrain with poise. Climbing, while it’s no XC bike, is plenty efficient, with excellent traction and control on the technical stuff. 

2023 Santa Cruz 5010 - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 5010 X01 CC (Med)




Wheel Size


30.3 lbs

F: 140mm

R: 130mm

F: 29x4"
R: 27.5x2.4"

Former 5010 versions came with 27.5” wheels to 27.5” plus front and rear, aluminum and carbon frames, and 125mm travel. Current models are only offered in Santa Cruz’s Carbon C and CC frames, with six different builds, including SRAM’s AXS wireless groupset.

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