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Santa Cruz Blur For Sale

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Since 2002, the Blur has been the speedy, cross-country,  full-suspension rig in the Santa Cruz stable. The first generation Blur featured an aluminum frame, a kinked top tube, and a left-side vertical strut. The Blur skews toward XC riding, though the LT or Long Travel models are designed for bigger hits. Santa Cruz offered aluminum and carbon-fiber models for many years, but since 2018, the Blur has been carbon-fiber only.  

2023 Santa Cruz Blur - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 Blur X01 CC (Med)




Wheel Size


23.5 lbs

F: 100mm (120 TR)

R: 100mm (115 TR)


The latest Blurs are carbon-only, lightweight, and no longer feature the VPP suspension system. The latest is the lightest ever made, 289g lighter than before because of improved carbon-fiber shaping, lay-up, and a simplified, non-VPP rear end that incorporates carbon-fiber flex into the equation.    

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