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Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant mountain bikes offer something for everyone’s riding discipline, from hardtail to full suspension, 27.5 to 29ers. Since 1972, Giant’s been delivering high-performance MTBs by keeping manufacturing in-house so they can innovate, experiment, and create what they want, the best mountain bike possible. Popular models like the Reign, Trance, Fathom, and Anthem are designed to handle the most demanding terrain built to inspire the pro-rider in all of us. Liv, the sister company to Giant, is the women’s MTB lineup created for and by women.

Giant Trance


The Giant Trance brings the fun to the party in a do-it-all trail bike. The Trance is offered in both 27.5 and 29er models and comes with 115mm rear travel and a 66.5° head angle, while the Trance X bumps up to 135mm and 65.5° head angle, making it slightly more aggressive. Whether winding through technical singletrack or navigating super tight turns, the Trance is agile, reactive, and responds quickly. 

Giant Reign


The Giant Reign is an enduro ride that stays focused on the downhill. Responsive handling, Maestro’s stable and supportive suspension system, and an eagerness to move quickly make this bike a favorite among enduro riders. The Reign is perfect for committed and focused rides at high speeds, showing up in 27.5 and 29er versions, with 146mm rear travel and 170mm upfront. 


Giant Anthem


The Giant Anthem is a fast, light, and seriously smooth XC bike. Current models come with 100mm of travel and 29er wheels, while previous generations came with 27.5 wheels and 120mm of travel. Giant’s Maestro suspension system makes for efficient pedaling, agility, and improved climbing up, down, and over rough and technical terrain. Go fast with the Anthem.


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