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The Giant Trance started delivering colossal fun in 2016 and continues that tradition today in an impressive do-it-all 29er full-suspension trail bike. This short travel trail bike, 115mm in the rear and 130mm up front, combined with excellent build options and modern geometry, gives riders a lively, responsive, and confident feel. Although it’s not designed for the hard chargers seeking out the gnarliest terrain, it is a capable uphill ripper and excels on flowy singletrack. For rougher terrain, the Trance X beefs up its travel to 150/135mm with more aggressive geometry and has a 29" or 27.5” option. 

2023 Trance X Advanced Pro - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 Trance X Pro 29 1 (Med)




Wheel Size


32.1 lbs

F: 150mm
R: 135mm


Previous Trance models came with 27.5” wheels and 140mm of travel, while the latest generation delivers more travel and a longer and slacker geometry. Choose from several models like the Trance 29 1 & 2 (aluminum frames) or the Trance Advanced Pro 0, 1, 2, or 3 builds, all of which use Giant's Advanced-grade composite carbon.

2022 Giant Trance X Review - A TPC Quick-Take

The Giant Trance X is a trail bike with a lively and versatile riding experience. It's built around the 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheel size, which strikes a balance between nimble handling and obstacle rollover capability for riders of all sizes. Known for its adjustable frame geometry and quality suspension components, the Trance X caters to riders looking for agility and performance on diverse trails.


  • Agile and playful: The smaller 27.5-inch wheels contribute to the bike's nimbleness, making it particularly fun on tighter and more technical trails. Its ability to manual, hop, and navigate through complex sections of the trail is a significant advantage for riders who enjoy a playful riding style​ (Flow Mountain Bike)​.
  • Adjustable geometry: Featuring a flip chip in the upper rocker arm of the suspension, the Trance X allows riders to adjust the head and seat tube angles, optimizing the bike for different terrains and riding styles​​. This versatility is a standout feature, enabling a personalized setup that can change as needed.
  • High-quality suspension: Equipped with a Fox 36 Performance Elite fork and a Fox Float X Performance Elite rear shock, the Trance X offers excellent shock absorption, high-speed damping control, and a balanced ride. The suspension setup ensures substantial small-bump sensitivity and mid-stroke support, ideal for both climbing and descending​​.
  • Efficient climbing: Despite its focus on descent and agility, the Trance X performs admirably on climbs. The Maestro suspension system helps maintain efficiency, allowing the bike to handle steep and challenging ascents without excessive pedal bob​.


  • Potential for pedal strikes: The lower setting in the adjustable geometry can lead to more frequent pedal strikes on rocky climbs due to a lower bottom bracket. This requires riders to be mindful of pedal placement and may necessitate switching to a higher geometry setting in rockier conditions​ (Flow Mountain Bike)​.
  • Limited high-speed confidence: The bike's lower stack height and shorter wheelbase may impact confidence at higher speeds or on very steep descents, where stability becomes crucial. Riders might need to adjust the setup or get accustomed to the bike's dynamics in these situations​ (Flow Mountain Bike)​.

Bottom Line

The Giant Trance X is a solid, differentiated choice for riders who value agility and versatility in a trail bike. Its playful nature and high-quality suspension make it suitable for a wide range of trails, from flowy singletracks to technical descents. However, riders looking for a bike that excels in maintaining high speeds on rough terrain might find the 27.5-inch wheels a limitation and opt for the 29er version. Overall, the Trance X is a fun-to-ride option that offers great value, especially for those who enjoy tweaking their ride to match the trail conditions.

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