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Bike Drivetrains For Sale

Shop the latest drivetrain components from industry leading brands like SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, CeramicSpeed, 5DEV, & more.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

The drivetrain on your bike is how the power you put out is transferred to the wheels. From the cranks, chainrings, and chain, to the derailleurs and cassette, the drivetrain on your bike will affect how it performs when you smash out watts and shift through the gears. The best bicycle drivetrains can save you weight and make those dreaded climbs a breeze. 

Bike Chainrings

Chainrings have gotten complicated, in a good way. Back in the day, a chainring was compatible across all platforms, so long as you were able to match the bolt circle diameter (BCD) dimension. With advances in shifting technology and component integration, chainrings are far more complicated and specific.


When replacing chainrings, the easiest thing to do is match the new rings to the old ones. Same brand, same model, and same generation. For those who want to change their gearing, different tooth counts can make climbing or descending easier based on your preference. There are about 17 standard BCD sizes. You also need to count the arms on the spider. If a standard is matched, the brand and model don’t necessarily have to match. FSA, for example, makes chainrings that fit other brands' cranks. Shimano and SRAM chainrings used to be interchangeable and still are in some cases.      


Electronic Shifting


Electronic shifting is the cream de la cream of precise, consistent, and lightning-fast gear changes. Electronic shifting stays as intuitive and efficient as mechanical, but with advantages like less maintenance and better performance in the elements because of fewer moving parts and adjustments on your drivetrain. Leading manufacturers like SRAM and Shimano offer various groupsets, prices, and performance levels for your road and mountain bike. Sure, it’s not the cheapest upgrade you’ll make but because it’s easy to use, includes customizable shifting and programming, and is ridiculously efficient, you’ll be beyond stoked you made the decision to go electronic. 



Derailleurs bring efficiency, precision, and harmonious shifting in all conditions. As one of the hardest working parts on your bike, derailleurs are responsible for keeping your shifting crisp and accurate, whether hammering out 40-kilometers of steep uphill or bombing through miles of intoxicating hero dirt. From front to rear, electronic or cable-actuated, the proper derailleur makes climbing, pedaling, and tackling various terrain easy and efficient by ensuring you’re in the right gear. Browse our collection of SRAM and Shimano derailleurs to get the best shifting possible!




Cranksets are the heart of the bike. It holds the chainrings in place and rotates within the bottom bracket. Crank arms can be made of carbon fiber or aluminum depending on your preference and budget. Most high-performance cranks today have a thru-axle permanently affixed to one crankarm. The spider can be integrated into the right arm or a separate piece secured to the arm. There are one (1x), two (double), or three (triple) chainring options, each designed to excel at different disciplines of biking.