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Bike Wheels, Tires & Hubs For Sale - Used & New

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Bikes are meant
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The right wheels make your bike ride better. They can freshen up an old ride or emphasize the strengths of a new one. At The Pro’s Closet, we have a deep supply of wheels for every kind of bike, every niche within each discipline. Whether you just need a set of beaters, or a race-winning edge, or something in between, we’ve got you covered. 


Mountain Bike Wheels 


Mountain bike wheels can look, from afar, almost indistinguishable. While rim depth might not vary much, rim shapes, rim width, spokes, and hubs have tremendous variety. 


The first thought might be for carbon MTB wheels, but there is just as much a place for aluminum mountain bike wheels in everyone’s quiver. Carbon are usually lighter, and thanks to the fact they come out of molds, their shaping can be more responsive to riding needs. Aluminum mountain bike wheels are generally a bit heavier, but incredibly reliable, and cheaper. 


The big bike companies all have their house brands, like Trek’s Bontrager. But smaller companies have some incredible designs. Make sure to check out e*thirteen, Easton, ENVE, FSA, Race Face, Reynolds, and many others who are making boundary-crossing wheels. 


Road Bike Wheels 


Road bike wheels are where you can see the most dramatic differences standing still and out on the road. Something as simple as replacing round spokes with bladed can make you faster, even if you barely notice it. Switching from a shallow 30mm aluminum rim to a 50mm carbon rim you’ll definitely notice. 


The rim bed matters. Tubulars, the tire is glued to the rim, are old-school racing. They are still seen as a big plus in climbing, in cyclocross, and on the track. Clinchers have a tube inside the tire while tubeless doesn’t. Tubeless rims can often be set up with clincher tires, and often come that way on complete bikes, but clincher wheels can’t necessary be converted to tubeless. 


There are lots of names to know on the road, both for carbon wheelsets and aluminum. Mavic is one of the oldest names in the wheel business. DT Swiss started in spokes. Reynolds was first on the scene with carbon clinchers. 3T wheels are proof that a storied Italian company doesn’t have to stand still. FSA makes reliable, unpretentious wheels. Ritchey, a legendary name in MTB, has a long history on the road and it shows with their refined, aluminum-rimmed road wheels. ENVE and Zipp are envelope-pushing brands duking it out for the zenith of primo high-end offerings.