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Bike Bottom Brackets For Sale

Shop bike bottom brackets for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse bottom brackets from SRAm and Shimano to fix that pestering squeak or complete your dream build today. 

Bikes are meant
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Located in the lowest part of the bike frame in-between the crank arms, bottom brackets (or BBs for short) are what connect your cranks to the bike frame and let them spin freely. Bottom brackets come in many different widths and standards depending on the bike frame they are designed for, some threaded, some pressed into the frame. The best bottom brackets utilize ceramic bearings, but even standard bottom brackets should last several years without the need for replacement. 


Whether you are building up your newest dream bike or replacing your bottom bracket for a shiny new upgrade, The Pro’s Closet has a wide selection of high-quality BBs to choose from. 


Press Fit Bottom Brackets

The name says it all. Press fit bottom brackets are essentially bearings pressed into the frame. This style of BB saves weight and allows for a wider and stiffer BB shell. Press fit bottom brackets are commonly found on high-end mountain and road bikes that use carbon frames. 


Common press fit standards include PF30, PF86, and PF92 which are all found on most major bike brands, the numbers indicating the shell’s width. 


Threaded Bottom Brackets


Threaded bottom brackets have been around forever for a good reason. They are simple and have far fewer options to choose from over the new press fit styles. Essentially there are only two standards; English and Italian. English can be found on most bike models using threaded BBs and Italian, you guessed it, found on Italian-made bikes. There is also the newer T47 found on select bike models, including the Trek Crockett.