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Vintage Bike Quiz: Missy's Yeti ARC ASLT

Missy Giove was one of the most colorful personalities in '90s mountain bike racing. Her Yeti ARC ASLT race bike was just as wild and unconventional. Take the five-question Vintage Bike Quiz to learn more.

Written by: Spencer Powlison

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Colorful. Radical. Totally outside of the norm. This Yeti ARC ASLT perfectly matched Missy Giove's personality. In 1993, the young mountain biking phenom raced on this rare, purpose-built Yeti, and she earned some big results along the way.

Missy Giove's Yeti ARC ASLT

In this week's Vintage Bike Quiz, we'll test your knowledge of this ground-breaking full-suspension race bike. Answer these five questions to learn more about the early '90s technology that carried Missy to glory.

Need a better look at those photos? You can click the little "eyeball" button at the bottom of each quiz slide to hide or un-hide the options. 

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