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Vintage Bike Quiz: Travis Brown's Manitou FS

By Spencer Powlison


Behold the 1992 Manitou FS, easily one of the most innovative bikes in our Bicycle Museum. Better still, this bike was raced and ridden by one of mountain biking's most prolific innovators, Travis Brown. 

Brown linked up with Manitou founder Doug Bradbury after the 1991 world championships in Italy. Bradbury had secured funding from his Japanese importer to organize his race team, and Brown was all-in. This partnership resulted in the subject of today's Vintage Bike Quiz, the full-suspension bike you see below.

Travis Brown's 1992 Manitou mountain bike

Give the quiz your best shot, and when you're done, make sure to read up on this bike in our online Bike Museum. Want more Vintage Quizzes? Try one of these on for size: Davis Phinney's Murray, Colby Pearce's Lotus Sport 110, or Matt Parker's Yeti Ultimate.



  • I was fortunate enough to test one of these bikes for Competitor magazine. On the cutting edge at the time. We did manage to completely blow out the elastomers in the rear shock. Too many big hits with too much pre-load. Was a killer bike to ride and lead me to buy a Manitou hard tail not log after. That was an 18# bike complete.

    Rob Davis on

  • Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for the question!
    Bradbury had to build a custom XTR rear hub with the driveside pushed out 10mm to get the 145mm spacing. To make the whole bike work meant building asymmetrical dropouts, and a sourcing a longer bb spindle to keep everything in line. It likely just wasn’t feasible to do this on a large scale for production bikes. It was more of a one-off mod just for Travis’ bike here.

    Bruce Lin on

  • Hi thanks for sharing this bike with us, but do you know why the production version did not had the 145mm hub but the standard 135mm? It was a race bike for shure!

    Pedro on

  • Awesome to see the images of Travis’ bike! I was lucky enough to race several back in the day. Works of art! Thanks for rekindling some fantastic memories

    Philip Catton on

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