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Vintage Bike Quiz: 1993 Yeti Ultimate

By Spencer Powlison


Think you know vintage bikes? Test your knowledge with this quiz on Matt Parker's 1993 Yeti Ultimate, which is featured in our online Bike Museum. Matt is the brother of Yeti founder John Parker. This is the only XL-size Ultimate ever built. Yeti welder, Chris Herting had to modify the frame's geometry to make the tubes fit the unique configuration. This is the only Ultimate with a reverse-sloping top tube and a GT-esque triple triangle. Yeti Ultimate

Yeti Ultimate

Cook Bros. Racing

A-Tac Stem

Thanks for playing! Find this bike and much more in our online Bike Museum.

Want to see another vintage bike from our collection featured in a quiz? Let us know about it in the comments below.


  • That was fun!

    frank wadelton on

  • I remember hearing before seeing John Tomac bombing down the Norba race course at Mt Snow 25 years ago on that crazy disc wheel. The disc never caught on. Neither did racing MTB on drop bars, which he tried for a while.

    Tomac was the most exciting CC racer in the world back in the day. Everyone else kept their wheels on the ground back then. He was also the last American champion of his era.

    Rafe Evans on

  • A Hispanic gentlemen couldn’t pronounce his last name and just called him “Frank, the welder”

    Aaron Faust on

  • Here some trivia about the FTW initials, Does anyone know how Frank got the nickname of FTW ? Hint: the initials FTW were on a welding mask.

    Eric Colbert on

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