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Vintage bike quiz: Tinker Juarez's 1993 Klein

By Spencer Powlison


Tinker Juarez is one of the few athletes (let alone mountain bikers) that has spanned multiple generations at the top of their sport. Now 58 years old, you'll still find him in the mix at endurance mountain bike and gravel events, dreadlocks and all. His passion for racing is still as strong as it was when he raced in the early days of mountain biking aboard bikes like this 1993 Klein.

Tinker Juarez's Klein Team Storm

We couldn't resist the chance to highlight one of his race-ridden bikes, but with a career that goes back to the 1980s, Tinker has ridden a lot of bikes. This 1993 Klein Team Storm has to be one of the most stunning, though.

Take this five-question quiz to learn more about this bike and Tinker's career.

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