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Vintage Bike Quiz: Breezer Series I

By Spencer Powlison


In his home workshop in Mill Valley, California, using tools handed down from his father, Joe Breeze helped change the course of bike history in the late 1970s. In his book, "Fat Tire Flyer," Charlie Kelly called the Breezer Series I "the most important bike of the 20th Century." Who would challenge that claim?

Trained by master framebuilder Albert Eisentraut, Breeze was a craftsman. He thought of every detail to ensure that the world's first commercially produced mountain bike was durable, beautiful, and fast. 

He also went to great lengths to source the right parts for the first Breezers, because back then, there were no suppliers producing mountain bike specific drivetrains, wheels, tires, brakes, forks, or anything like that. Nevertheless, he pulled together each bike by hand and delivered them to a few lucky mountain bikers in 1978.

Breezer Series I mountain bike

Give the quiz your best shot, and when you're done, make sure to read up on this bike in our online Bike Museum. Want more Vintage Quizzes? Try one of these on for size: Travis Brown's Manitou FSDavis Phinney's Murray, Colby Pearce's Lotus Sport 110, or Matt Parker's Yeti Ultimate.


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