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The Pro's Closet's Carbon Frame Warranty: How it works

By Spencer Powlison

Now more than ever, you can buy a carbon fiber bike with confidence. The Pro’s Closet is pleased to offer an industry-first Carbon Frame Warranty on every carbon bike we sell.

Typical bike warranties don’t extend to anyone beyond the original owner. And they rarely cover accidental damage.

We don’t think that’s good enough.

That’s why we developed our Carbon Frame Warranty. If you buy a bike from TPC, and it gets damaged in the course of normal use, or due to a manufacturing defect, we’ll fix it for you. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about how it works.

The Pro's Closet's Carbon Frame Warranty

Why would I want to repair carbon fiber damage?

Typical carbon frame warranties only cover manufacturing defects for the original owner — something went wrong in the factory, and your bike ended up breaking. While that gets you rolling again on a fresh bike, it won’t help if you purchased the bike second-hand. Plus it is very wasteful. We take our impact on the environment seriously and are confident that a repaired carbon fiber frame is just as stiff, strong, and safe as a brand-new frame from a factory.

Learn more about how carbon fiber is repaired.

When it comes to accidental damage, companies rarely offer a warranty. Instead, they might offer a minor discount on a new frame. Just like you, we love riding bikes, and we know that accidents happen.

We aren’t content to offer a warranty that is only as good as the industry standard. So TPC’s Carbon Frame Warranty covers all manufacturing defects, and it covers one instance of frame damage due to normal use. 

Why should I trust a repaired carbon frame?

Carbon fiber bike technology has come a long way in the last 20 years, thanks to manufacturing techniques adopted from the aerospace industry. That’s a great thing for cyclists, but unfortunately, some old misconceptions persist about carbon fiber. Not to worry, carbon is a reliable, easily reparable material with nearly infinite fatigue life. Today, our carbon repairs are performed by engineers with extensive materials science experience. They have successfully repaired more than 5,000 frames in the last decade.

To fix a frame, they carefully assess the carbon fiber design at the spot of the damage and bond the repair into this structure so the carbon layup is matched layer by layer. This means the frame ends up just as strong as it was when it was new, and with the original performance characteristics intact. We are so confident in our repairs that they are all guaranteed for five years — and the warranty for repaired frames is transferable if you decide to sell your bike.

Learn more about how carbon fiber is repaired.

What does the Carbon Frame Warranty cover?

We will repair one (1) instance of accidental impact damage to the frame that occurs during normal riding, racing, or transportation. We will also offer unlimited repairs on any frame manufacturing defects.

Forks, wheels, and components are not covered. This also does not cover gross negligence, so be careful when your bike is on your car’s roof rack! 

How long does the Carbon Frame Warranty last?

The warranty will cover your frame for up to 12 months after purchase from The Pro’s Closet.

Will it take a long time to repair my frame?

We offer a 14-day turnaround, including shipping, on all frames that we fix through the Carbon Frame Warranty program.

Can you paint my frame after it is repaired?

Unfortunately, we do not refinish or repaint repaired frames beyond a clear-coat finish that will protect the repair. But hey, we’ve all got cool scars from crashes — now your bike has one too!

I just bought a carbon fiber bike from The Pro’s Closet. What happens next?

Our partners at BikeBack and Broken Carbon will contact you directly with everything you need to know about your Carbon Frame Warranty. In case you damage your frame and need a repair, you’ll have clear instructions that explain how to make a warranty claim.

Is the warranty retroactive?

The warranty covers carbon bikes or frames purchased on or after May 19th, 2020.

Unfortunately, we cannot apply the warranty retroactively or grandfather purchases made prior to May 19th, 2020, but we will buy your current bike or you can trade it in for a TPC Carbon Warranty bike!


  • Just purchased a carbon framed Santa Cruz this week. Is this warranty automatically part of the purchase, or do we need to purchase the warranty? The article says it’s offered, so I wasn’t sure if that meant it needed to still be purchased. TIA

    M L on

  • How to get dealership?

    Kamalesh Dakua on

  • Wow that’s a really cool feature!

    Alex Chenny on

  • Hi Josh,
    Regarding your question, nothing has changed with the quality of our bikes or our inspection process. The only change is the new addition of the warranty covering repairs. 

    The Pro's Closet on

  • I purchased my carbon bike in April. I’m curious to know what’s different about bikes purchased prior to May 19, 2020, and why these bikes are totally exempt from this new warranty. Was there not as thorough of an inspection done on bikes prior to May 19, 2020?

    Josh W on

  • Wow. I bought my Hightower on 5/19/2020. I just squeezed in. Glad I waited a few days!!!

    Nathan Kotchasak on

  • I purchased my bike on the evening of 5/18, argh. Missed this by only a few hours. If I would have known I would have waited. Can my purchase be updated to reflect the 19th?

    Scott R on

  • I purchased a Merida from you and my bike suffered some damage, but it is unknown whether the damage is beyond the paint. Would I be able to send pics to you and the experience you have give me a better opinion? My bike has started squeaking after the accident…which prior to the only noise it made was when I stopped pedaling and the freewheel noise was evident. My wheels stayed true and derailleur was fine. Especially for laying the bike down on the right side…but the squeaks have me concerned. So I’ve been riding the mtb a lot more lately. How much would it cost to repair IF it needed it? I know I’ve purchased it quite some time ago through eBay. Hope to hear from you and I do tell everyone of your site. This will be a great thing for the community! 😇😎


    Jeffrey A Potter on

  • Hi everyone, thank you for all the interest in our new Carbon Frame Warranty. Many of you have inquired if this Warranty can be retroactively applied to your past purchases. The FAQ has been updated to answer your question. To clarify, TPC’s Carbon Frame Warranty only applies to bikes purchased on or after May 19, 2020.

    We still offer buyback for your current bike, or you can trade it in for another CPO bike that includes the Carbon Frame Warranty. If you have a damaged bike that needs repair, you can contact Broken Carbon to see what your options are:

    The Pro's Closet on

  • Specialized gives a warranty to the second/third owner IF the new owner has the original receipt. It would be a great service to see you forward the original receipt to the next owner.

    Brian E on

  • Holy cow! This is amazing. If I bought (and crashed) a frame prior to 5/19/2020 can I pay you guys to repair the damage? If so, what’s the typical cost?

    andy clark on

  • Shame you guys didn’t have this warranty when my BMC Team Machine SLR01 which I purchased just 12 months ago self destructed on a club ride. (Order #1194870)

    Mark Emden on

  • I just bought a yeti a less than a month ago. Is it covered?

    Justin Avery on

  • Nice! I bought mine in February, do I qualified?

    Franco Marcos on

  • This is great news. I bought a carbon frame bike about April 20th, and assume I am eligible. When will I be contacted about this warranty?

    steve on

  • Hi Pros Closet. This program sounds great. I just bought a carbon bike from you back on 5/2/20 (bike received about a week later). Is this program retroactive to all purchases in May? In other words, does it apply to me? Thanks!

    Adam Williams on

  • Is this offer retroactive to a certain number of days? Say 30, 60, or 90 days?

    Todd Norton on

  • Will my bike I just purchased this year from TPC be covered by this amazing new feature?

    Ryan Z on

  • So I purchased a carbon bike from you on March 25th 2020, am I covered under this new warranty?

    SEAN on

  • I bought an MTB with carbon fiber frame from TPC last month (obviously before this article). Will it be covered by the warranty?

    Garry Ecdao on

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