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We Buy Bikes! Road, Mountain, Gravel, and Cyclocross Bikes

If your bike has an MSRP of $1,500 or more, we'll buy it. If you bike is high end, pristine, loaded to the gills with top-shelf components, we'll buy it.

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We Buy Bikes

We Buy Bikes*Note: The Pro's Closet no longer buys bicycles with an original MSRP of less than $1500*

Cycling can become an expensive hobby. As a result, the bikes you end up owning can sometimes keep you from pursuing your hobby as they tie up space and funds. If you have a quality bike in good condition, though, The Pro's Closet can help you extract its value. 

Whether you want to Sell outright or Trade-In a bike toward a new purchase on our website, The Pro's Closet makes it quick and easy. We are the go-to source to buy and sell used bikes, and we will buy most road, gravel, cyclocross, time trial and triathlon, Track, and mountain bikes

At The Pro's Closet, we like to think that the only thing better than getting a new bike is getting your next new bike. Our easy Sell/Trade process is designed specifically to help you get money for bikes you don't need quickly and easily so you can get extra cash and move on to a new bike as soon as possible.  

If your used bike has an original retail price of $1,500 or more, we're interested in buying it. If your bike is high-end, pristine, loaded to the gills with top-shelf components, and worth an obscene amount of money, we're interested in buying it. If it's anywhere in between, we're still interested.   

Sell your used bike

If you're ready to sell your used bike go to our Sell/Trade page!

Follow the instructions to submit your bike and you will receive a response with an offer for the value of your bike within 1 business day.  

That is what The Pros Closet is about. We buy bikes because we love bikes, and by selling your used bike to/with us you can help extend the life cycle of your bike and make money in the process. Keep your used bike from being condemned to a dusty garage corner. Sell or Trade In to free up space and cash for your next purchase.