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We Buy Bikes! Road, Mountain, & Cyclocross Bikes

By Jarrad Lokes
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We Buy Bikes

*Editors note: The Pro's Closet no longer buys bicycles with an original MSRP of less than $1500*

There's no doubt that cycling is an expensive hobby. Bikes cost money. We Buy Bikes! Road, Mountain, & Cyclocross BikesUnfortunately, our desire for more bikes and accessories doesn't always line up with our financial situation. I've personally been guilty many times of spending money I shouldn't, on a bike I don't need. If you're like me, the bikes are piling up, and the bills that need paying mean something's got to give. Or maybe, if you're a bit more reasonable, there's a nice bike you just don't need anymore tucked away in the corner of your garage. Maybe it's gathering dust and might be worth your while to turn it into some liquid funds.

So how do you quickly and easily turn your used bike(s) into cash? Don't worry! We buy bikes!  

Bikes We Buy

Whether you want to Sell Your Bike Now or Trade Up, The Pros Closet can help extract the value from your bike easily and effectively. We are the premier buyers and sellers of used bikes, and we buy bikes of all kinds: Road bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Time Trail and Triathlon bikes, Track bikes, and Mountain bikes.

Price: If your used bike has an original retail price of $1,500.00 or more, we're interested in buying it. If your bike is high end, pristine, loaded to the gills with top-shelf components and worth an obscene amount of money, we're interested in buying it. If it's anywhere in between, we're interested. We buy bikes!  

Sell Your Used Bike

That is what The Pros Closet is about. We buy bikes because we love bikes, and by selling your used bike to/with us you can help extend the life cycle of your bike and make a little money in the process. Keep your used bike from being condemned to a dusty garage corner. Sell a bike or two to free up some space and cash for your next purchase. We Buy Bikes! Road, Mountain, & Cyclocross BikesIf you're ready to sell your used bike go to our Sell Your Bike page!