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Seven American-made bike brands

By Bruce Lin


Products that are made in America are becoming increasingly rare these days, especially when it comes to bicycles. The bike industry is dominated by brands that rely heavily on overseas manufacturing. This isn't necessarily a bad trend, but it makes it challenging to buy American if that is a priority for you.

Don’t despair! There are brave revolutionaries out there — small independent builders who are keeping the American-made bike industry alive.

Many cyclists dream about owning a bike built by one of these craftsmen. But sometimes it can be prohibitively expensive. It can also take months or years to get a custom bike made. Buying pre-owned is one way to get an American-made bike at a great price, right now.

Let's take a look at seven shining examples of American bike builders that we've had the pleasure of carrying at The Pro's Closet.

Allied Cycle Works

Allied Alfa carbon road bike

The Allied Alfa is a U.S.-made carbon fiber road race bike.

Bikes from Allied Cycle Works specializes in American-made carbon fiber road and gravel bikes that are proudly produced in Little Rock, Arkansas. Allied brought some of the most experienced and brightest minds in the industry together to produce its frames from the ground up. It’s one of the few carbon frame manufacturers in the U.S. and it uses Innegra in its carbon lay-up to improve durability.

Check out our interview with Allied Cycle Works to learn more about this innovative American brand.

Mosaic Cycles

Mosaic RT-2The Mosaic RT2 titanium road bike with Spectrum paint will turn heads at any group ride.

Mosaic Cycles produces handcrafted, bespoke titanium and steel bicycles in Boulder, Colorado. Mosaic has built an enviable reputation for itself by creating beautifully finished dream bikes that have won several awards at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). Mosaic's sister company, Spectrum Paint & Powder Works, provides many options for vivid custom paint.

Moots Cycles

Moots Baxter 29er titanium adventure gravel mountain bike

The Moots Baxter is ready for any adventure and blurs the line between gravel and mountain bikes

Moots is often regarded as the titanium benchmark. It has been handcrafting titanium road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain bike frames in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for nearly four decades. Moots builds its titanium frames and components to handle the rugged roads and trails that can be found throughout the Rockies.

No. 22 Bicycle Company

No. 22 Great Divide DiscThe No. 22 Great Divide disc is a well-rounded endurance road bike that shows off the beauty of raw titanium.

No. 22 Bicycle Company strives to create forward-thinking, feature-rich titanium frames built by veteran craftsmen in Johnstown, New York. No. 22 uses clean lines and contemporary finishes to showcase the beauty of raw and anodized titanium. This builder produced some of the best looking anodized frames around and won several awards at NAHBS last year.

REEB Cycles

Reeb Sqweeb V2 Aluminum 29er enduro mountain bike

The REEB Sqweeb is designed for shredding and it's the bike of choice for MTB legend Jeff Lenosky. 

REEB Cycles was born after the founder the Oskar Blues Brewery had his bike stolen. He decided he didn’t want to just buy another bike-in-a-box that was made somewhere overseas. Instead he started his own bike company (“REEB” is beer spelled backwards). Design and fabrication for their mountain and gravel bikes is all done in the 100 year old barn in Lyons, Colorado, where the brewery began.

Check out our visit to the REEB barn to see how it designs and builds bikes.


Speedvagen Custom steel road bike

This beautiful Speedvagen was ridden by the author and remains one of my favorite bikes of all time.  

Speedvagen bikes are produced in small batches by The Vanilla Workshop based out of Portland, Oregon. The Speedvagen mission is to build a handful of great bikes that are refined and truly meaningful to their owners. All of its beautiful custom and ready-made road bikes are built out of steel with classic lines and plenty of details (just look at those machined dropouts) that make bike lovers drool.

Winter Bicycles

Winter Bicycles CustomThis Winter custom road bike will let you tackle 1,000-mile bike tours in comfort and style. 

Winter Bicycles manufactures custom bicycles and luxurious necessities including forks, rack, and other fittings in Centre County, Pennsylvania. At Winter Bicycles, the goal is to build bikes that carry a sense of year-round versatility with fresh, clean design. The bicycles are made from a custom blend of steel tubing and meant to be great for everything from training rides to casual commutes.

Vintage bonus: Klein Bicycle Corporation

Klein AttitudeThe Klein Attitude was my of my boyhood dream bikes. 

This is one for the history buffs. In the '90s, Klein pioneered the use of large-diameter aluminum tubes, and Klein bikes were far ahead of their time with modern features like internal cable routing and press-fit bottom brackets. We have a few Kleins in our vintage bike museum and have been lucky to have more than a few available for sale. They’re getting rare, so if you’re looking for one you’ll have to be patient.


  • No to mention Lynskey Performance Bikes. Your list is woefully too short for the number of American made bikes.

    David Merriman on

  • Ibis, Independent Fabrication, Waterford, Seven, Rivendel

    Mark Young on

  • Zinn Cycles out of Boulder, CO are made in the US.

    Steve Bremer on

  • Litespeed, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has been making titanium bicycles since 1986. They make exceptional titanium bicycles that are US made. Litespeed should definitely be on your list of American made bikes.

    Pete on

  • Daniel, HIA is the parent company of the Allied brand.

    John on

  • Would be interested in finding out what anyone’s opinion of Fezzari bikes out of Linden, Utah is ?

    Donald Monroe on

  • Any mention of Dave Tesch?

    Dave on

  • I have a Klein Pulse Comp with around 40,000 miles on it. The 4th and last year of the warranty I noticed spider cracks on the bottom bracket. Brought it to Village Cycle in Chicago, they said they would replace the frame and have it in 3-4 days. They called me the next day and said it was ready. Klein airlifted a frame the same day I brought it there, Village Cycle swapped it out and I was riding the next day. I have 2 Kleins.

    James Miller on

  • Recently tried finding a 16” bicycle for my grand daughter that’s made in the USA. Nope. Schwin, Huffy, & Murray? Nope

    Kevin PIlotte on

  • Detroit Bikes ?

    Bill William on

  • Daniel, many American Brands are not here. These seven represent bikes that Pros Closet have available to purchase. The Klein would look good as an art piece here at home, or nearby at the Marin Bicycling Hall of Fame. But I’m holding out for a 1984 Ross Mt. Whitney (my first crush)

    David Houston on

  • You forgot HIA – who makes beautiful carbon bikes IN AMERICA. Their gravel bikes were the first across the line in The Dirty Kanza…both women’s and men’s races.

    Daniel on

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