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Personality test: What type of road bike is for you?

By Bruce Lin


Shopping for a road bike, but don't know what type you need? Do you become frozen with indecision when faced with hundreds of options? Does it seem like your current bike doesn't suit you? Do you need a flimsy excuse to justify why you need another kind of bike? This personality test is for you!

Bikes reflect the personalities of their riders, so these questions are scientifically engineered to match you to the perfect type of bike.* Answer honestly and you'll discover the bike that reflects your true self. You can narrow down your search, or just have fun with it! 

*These claims have not been verified by any scientific body. Don't take it too seriously!



If you're interested in seeing more road bikes, check out our road bike collection. There you'll find a great selection of aero bikes, lightweight climbers, handmade steel and titanium bikes, Italian bikes, and endurance bikes. 


Bikes featured in this quiz:

Aero race: Cannondale SystemSix

Featherweight climber: Trek Emonda

Handmade custom: Mosaic RS-1

Italian stallion: Colnago C60

Do-it-all endurance: Specialized Roubaix

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