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Pedal It Forward: How TPC Is Reducing Waste

What can a business like TPC do to help the environment? Learn how we're working with the experts at Eco-Cycle to reduce our waste and recycle things many bike shops throw out.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Riding bikes is good for the environment, but producing bikes and components does has an environmental impact since it requires electricity, fuel, and raw materials. Buying used is one small way riders can reduce their own impact, and it’s a big reason why TPC is passionate about Certified Pre-Owned bikes. 

While we're proud that we keep so many high-quality bikes going, we know we can do more. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eco-Cycle to improve our operation, reduce the waste we generate, and recycle more. 

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Eco-Cycle is one of the oldest mission-based recyclers and Zero Waste organizations in the US. They are a nonprofit based in Boulder, CO, just 20 minutes down the road from our headquarters.

Eco-Cycle operates the Boulder County Recycling Center, provides Zero Waste business services and education, and created the nation’s first Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM).

Eco-cyclePhoto courtesy of Eco-Cycle.

Here are a few examples of basic improvements Eco-Cycle has helped TPC implement:

  • Eco-cycle has helped trained TPC staff to identify and separate out any and all recyclable materials during our daily operations. 
  • Instead of tossing common bike items like tubes, tires, and electronics, they are separated out to be properly recycled at Eco-Cycle’s CHaRM facility. 
  • We are composting all of our compostable waste. 
  • We have reduced the use of non-recyclable material in our bike packaging and are reusing packaging materials (foam, protectors, boxes) as much as possible.

Eco-Cycle weighs all of the waste TPC generates each week. Much of it is separated into different recycling streams and sent to Eco-Cycle’s general recycling and CHaRM facilities. Here are Eco-Cycle’s stats for the waste TPC generated in 2022: 

Hard-to-Recycle Waste

TPC Hard to recycle




11,129 lbs

Scrap Metal

8,627 lbs


916 lbs

Plastic Film

19,760 lbs


1,180 lbs


3,615 lbs

Total Hard-to-Recycle Waste: 45,227 lbs (22.61 tons)

General Waste

TPC Cardboard recycling




.81 tons

Single Stream Recycling + Cardboard

85.59 tons


13.34 tons

TPC Waste Diversion Stats

  • TPC generated 122.35 total tons of waste in 2022. 
  • 13.34 tons went to the landfill.
  • 109.01 tons were recycled at Eco-Cycle facilities. 
  • Out of 122.35 total tons of waste, 89% was diverted from the landfill.

“This type of diversion in such a huge operation is only possible with a cultural dedication within the company,” said Nick Miranda, our Sales Coordinator from Eco-Cycle. “You are among our very top diverters in our whole book of clients!”

This is an achievement that we’re incredibly proud of, but as good cyclists know, there are always opportunities for improvement. We may not be a zero-waste business (yet?), but we can get as close as possible. Right now, we’re working hard on making all of our bike packaging fully recyclable. TPC still has room to get greener, and we’re excited to continue improving!