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Best-Selling Bikes of the Month: February, 2023

What bikes were hot this month? We take a closer look at our best-selling road, gravel, mountain, and e-bikes.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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It’s the end of the month, which means it’s once again time to dig into our sales data and check out some bike trends. If it’s your first time here, TPC carries more brands and models than any other bike retailer. We sell hundreds of new and Certified Pre-Owned bikes every week. This puts us in a unique position to see how different bike models stack up. February might be the shortest month of the year, but cyclists made good use of that time by scooping up plenty of bikes in the four weeks we had. Let’s dive in and see what bikes got Valentine's love this month!

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Best-selling road bikes

1. Trek Domane
2. Cannondale SuperSix Evo
3. Specialized Tarmac
4. Cannondale Synapse
5. Orbea Orca / Giant TCR Advanced

    [product-block handle="2021-trek-domane-sl-7-l-6"/]

    For the first time in a long time, the Specialized Tarmac has been dethroned! The Trek Domane endurance bike is an ever-present challenger, and this month, it finally took the top spot. The big surprise to me though is the success of Cannondale’s SuperSix Evo. Cannondale came on strong this February with the Synapse endurance bike also making an appearance in the top 5. The Giant TCR is a regular in the top 5, but tying with the Orbea Orca might signal that the Spanish brand is starting to challenge the established favorites.

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    Best-selling mountain bikes

    1. Specialized Stumpjumper
    2. Santa Cruz Nomad
    3. Santa Cruz 5010
    4. Yeti SB100
    5. Santa Cruz Hightower

    [product-block handle="2022-specialized-stumpjumper-expert-m-5"/]

    The Specialized Stumpjumper reigns supreme again. No commentary needed. The shocker though is that its main rival, the Trek Fuel EX missed out on the top 5 this month. Instead, this was the month of Santa Cruz, with super strong sales among three of its most popular models. It’s actually kind of exciting to me that dedicated 27.5” bikes like the Nomad and 5010 did so well. finally, the Yeti SB100 was bound to show up. A lot have been appearing in the used market since the SB115 and now the latest SB120 have been released. To me, it’s the OG downcountry bike and it’s still one of the best examples of a short-travel shredder around.

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    Best-selling gravel/cyclocross bikes

    1. Orbea Terra
    2. Specialized Crux
    3. Specialized Diverge
    4. Bombtrack Hook EXT
    5. Trek Checkpoint

    [product-block handle="2022-orbea-terra-m30team-m-green"/]

    The Specialized Diverge, Crux, and Trek Checkpoint are in the top 5, as expected, but the Orbea Terra is here to stake its claim by taking the top spot. This is the bike I raced at Unbound Gravel last year, and I was seriously impressed with the features, speed, and price. It seems shoppers were too! The real underdog win here though is the Bombtrack Hook EXT. If you don’t know Bombtrack, they’re worth checking out. This German brand knows how to build tough and capable bikes at a great price. With a steel frame and a plethora of mounts, the Hook is going to take a lot of riders on some epic gravel adventures.

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    Best-selling E-bikes

    1. Specialized Turbo Vado
    2. Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay
    2. Trek Allant+
    4. Specialized Turbo Levo
    5. Orbea Rise / BMC Alpenchallenge

    [product-block handle="2019-specialized-turbo-vado-6-0-l-1"/]

    The Specialized Turbo Vado is still the ultimate commuter according to our sales numbers, but the Trek Allant+ and BMC Alpenchallenge aren’t too far behind. While the Turbo Levo might be the benchmark for E-mountain bikes, it seems riders were slightly more intrigued by the simplicity and low cost of the Rocky Mountain Growler Powerplay hardtail. This is also the first appearance for the Orbea Rise in the top 5, a lightweight challenger for the Specialized Turbo Levo SL.

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    Interesting stat snacks for February

    [product-block handle="2022-cannondale-supersix-hi-mod-l"/]

    I’m incredibly tickled that the Cannondale SuperSix Evo beat the Specialized Tarmac this month. The SuperSix has long been one of my favorite bikes (I’ve owned two myself) and to see others appreciate this quirky Connecticut brand makes me smile. I always loved the classic lines of the older SuperSix Evo and I was massively impressed by the performance of the more recent aero-enhanced SuperSix Evo. The next generation is on the horizon, and I hope for more great things! You’ll probably see me riding one. 

    [product-block handle="2021-trek-domane-sl-5-m-4"/]

    The award for best seller of the month, however, goes to the Trek Domane. It’s usually between the Domane, Tarmac, or Roubaix, but it’s rare that the Domane is actually the one that comes out on top. With Trek’s unique IsoSpeed Decouplers, it’s seriously comfy on long rides and rough roads, so I get why people love it. In fact, I think more people should probably be riding endurance road bikes. This month, it outsold the ever-popular Specialized Stumpjumper by one bike! Third was the Turbo Vado commuter e-bike.

    [product-block handle="2022-santa-cruz-nomad-s-carbon-c-27-5-l"/]

    In the mountain bike world, strong sales for older Santa Cruz 5010s and Nomads mean that there are still plenty of riders who prefer the playful and agile feel of smaller 27.5” wheels. May the jibs and good times last forever! Santa Cruz has always been our strongest MTB brand after Specialized, and it’s really mounting a challenge. I’ve seen the Hightower gaining a lot of steam. The Hightower is another bike that I’ve owned multiple times. Now that there are three generations on the market, I think it might become a regular in our MTB top 5.

    [product-block handle="bombtrack-audax-al-bike-m-green"/]

    I always like to call out underdogs, and in the gravel bike arena, I already mentioned the Bombtrack Hook. But it’s worth mentioning that Bombtrack actually had two more bikes make it into the top 10! While the steel Hook EXT led the way, the aluminum Audax wasn’t far behind. This was followed by the Hook EXT C, the carbon version of the Hook. With all these bikes retailing between $2,000-4,000, they seem to have hit the sweet spot for budget-conscious riders.

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