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Trek Checkpoint Bikes & Framesets For Sale

Shop new & used Trek Checkpoint bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, and prices on various models (SL 6, ALR 5) and popular years (2021, 2022 etc). Read our Trek Checkpoint Quick-Take review below.

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The Trek Checkpoint is an adventure-ready gravel bike designed for racing, weekend bikepacking trips, commuting, or venturing along remote gravel roads. Trek currently has three Checkpoint models; the Checkpoint SLR is designed for high-speed gravel racing. The SL is equipped for exploring oodles of miles and multi-day adventures, and the ALR is ideal for a carefree commute. While previous generations took their queue from road and cyclocross geometry, current models have been revamped for a versatile ride. That means putting speed, comfort, and stability front and center for exploration on rough terrain. 

Checkpoint ALR 5 - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 ALR 5 Gravel Bike (56cm)




Wheel Size


21.5 lbs

Shimano GRX (2x11)

700x45c (or) 650x2.1"

The Checkpoint ALR is made from aluminum with tons of features and excellent specs that make it ready to easily hit up rough terrain while keeping it budget-friendly. Plenty of mounts, generous tire clearance, and progressive geometry make it a seriously versatile and comfortable ride on the most rugged gravel roads to a fun commute to work. Trek also sells the ALR 5 Driftless edition. The ALR 5 Driftless edition features a custom-painted frame based on Wisconsin's driftless region, as well as a Bontrager frame bag.

2022 Trek Checkpoint Review - A TPC Quick-Take

Journeys on gravel often evoke contrasting emotions: exhilaration, trepidation, and sheer awe. The 2023 Trek Checkpoint is a testament to Trek's endeavor to capture the essence of gravel riding. But does it provide the versatility and thrill of an off-road expedition, or is it just another bike trapped between the worlds of road and dirt?


  • Versatility galore: Trek has made the Checkpoint an adaptable machine. With tire clearance up to 45mm, it's eager to take on various terrains.
  • Integrated mounts: Whether it's a multi-day bikepacking trip or a quick morning spin, the multiple mounts for bags, bottles, and racks mean the Checkpoint is always adventure-ready.
  • IsoSpeed decoupler: Borrowed from its Domane sibling, this tech ensures the Checkpoint offers a smoother ride on those jarring gravel routes, reducing fatigue and upping the comfort quotient.


  • Weight concerns: For all its merits, the Checkpoint isn't the lightest gravel bike on the block. This extra heft might make those uphill grinds a tad more challenging.
  • Price point: Top spec models, with their advanced features, veer into the premium price range. Casual riders might find it hard to justify the investment.
  • Not truly race-oriented: While it handles gravel and trails with aplomb, it's not the most aggressive for racing. Those looking for a sharper, race-focused gravel bike might find the Checkpoint tame.
  • Complexities for some: The Checkpoint's array of features could be overwhelming for those seeking a simpler, straightforward gravel experience.

Bottom Line:

The Checkpoint, for all its adaptability, might occasionally feel like it's trying to please everyone, and doing so might not wholly satisfy the purists in either camp.

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