The 12 Best Bikes From Our Memorial Day Sale

We picked our favorite road, mountain, and gravel bikes that are on sale this  weekend. Shop our Memorial Day sale and get $300 off!

The 12 Best Bikes From Our Memorial Day Sale

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The official start of summer is still a month away, but with such good riding weather, who cares what the calendar says! If you need a bike, or you’re looking to upgrade your whip this season, we’ve got you covered. TPC rolled out a big selection of new arrivals to kick off Memorial Day weekend, and now through May 30, 2022, you can use the code STARTSUMMER300 on select bikes to get an extra $300 off! 

We love browsing bikes and hunting for deals just as much as you do. So, we had to pick out our favorites from the Memorial Day sale. Here are 12 road, mountain, and gravel bikes on sale right now that have made our shortlist for summer pedaling, shredding, and exploring.

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Four Fast and Furious Road Bikes

BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc - $6,274.99

[product-block handle="bmc-teammachine-slr01-disc-three-road-bike-2019-51cm-1"/]

You can always trust the Swiss to build perfectly dialed bikes. BMC designed the latest Teammachine SLR01 to be the ultimate all-rounder, blurring the lines between aero and lightweight climbing bikes. The lightweight frame uses BMC’s Aerocore Design bottle cages to reduce drag and dropped seat stays (which BMC pioneered) to enhance comfort. This means you can ride everything from high mountains to windswept plains to cobbled roads, and ride it fast. 

Cannondale CAAD12 Disc - $3,699.99

[product-block handle="nc_2016-cannondale-caad12-disc-force-axs-50cm-s-2"/]

If you’re a performance-focused rider on a budget, then look no further than this Cannondale CAAD12. With oversized, hydroformed, thin-wall tubing, it’s impressively stiff when you get on the pedals, but surprisingly compliant when the road gets rough. This 2016 CAAD12 Disc has been updated with the latest 12-speed SRAM Force AXS wireless drivetrain, so it can take on any carbon superbike for a fraction of the price.  

Scott Foil 10 - $6,924.99

[product-block handle="2020-scott-foil-10-m"/]

Got a need for speed? Then you need a slippery aero bike to cheat the wind. With the original Foil, Scott was one of the first to adopt truncated aero tubes that perfectly balance stiffness, weight, and drag. The Foil went on to win multiple Tour de France stages under sprinter Mark Cavendish. Now, the latest version has added disc brakes, plus an integrated cockpit and refined tube shapes that make it faster than ever. 

Factor Vista All-Road - $4,774.99

[product-block handle="factor-vista-all-road-disc-grx-road-bike-2020-58cm"/]

Road riding is evolving, and the future looks more unpaved than it used to. That’s why versatile “all-road” bikes like the Factor Vista are starting to gain traction. I actually reviewed the Factor Vista last year and absolutely fell in love with it. With geometry tuned specifically for wider 30-35mm tires, it combines the lightweight and agility of a road bike with the comfort and capability of a gravel bike. If you’re looking to mix things up, this is the bike you want. 


Four Trail-Slaying Mountain Bikes

Transition Smuggler Carbon - $4,899.99

[product-block handle="2019-transition-smuggler-carbon-l"/]

I have a soft spot for the Smuggler because it has always been a bike that can do more than the numbers suggest. With only 120mm in the rear, it’s considered a short-travel trail bike. But thanks to Transition’s Speed Balanced Geometry and progressive GiddyUp Suspension, it can take big hits like beefier enduro bikes. If you’re a fan of “underbiking” on gnarly trails, then the Smuggler will get you out in one piece, guaranteed. 

Ibis Mojo HD5 - $4,4324.99

[product-block handle="2021-ibis-mojo-hd5-deore-m"/]

The Mojo is the mountain bike that put Ibis on the map all the way back in 1992, and it’s still going strong. While many mountain bike models have succumbed to the hype of 29” wheels, the Mojo has always stuck with smaller wheels to keep things fun and playful. With 153mm of travel and a big 170mm fork, it can handle the biggest jumps and massive drops. This makes it the ideal bike park or freeride bike for riders more interested in shredding than racing. 

Trek Fuel EX 9.9 - $6,874.99

[product-block handle="2021-trek-fuel-ex-9-9-m"/]

The Fuel EX is the people’s mountain bike, perfect for any rider and nearly any trail. With 130mm of travel, a lightweight carbon frame, and long and slack geometry, this ultra-popular trail bike is equally capable going uphill and downhill and pretty much the definition of a quiver-killer. It uses Trek’s super plush ABP suspension and the downtube even has an integrated storage compartment to hide all your spares and snacks. 

Forbidden Druid - $5,499.99

[product-block handle="2021-unknown-forbidden-druid-m"/] 

High-pivot bikes like the Forbidden Druid are so hot right now. This Canadian-born rig has 130mm of travel, but it feels like more because the high-pivot suspension provides a more rearward axle path and reduced pedal kick. This smooths out the chunkiest sections of the trail, keeping you comfortable and in control. Bikes winning World Cup downhill races use the same design, so it is worth considering for any rider who wants to descend at Mach speeds.

Four Adventure-Ready Gravel Bikes

Moots Routt 45 - $8,624.99

[product-block handle="moots-routt-45-l"/]

Every gravel rider dreams of one day owning a titanium bike, and for many, that bike is a Moots. Moots are handbuilt in Steamboat Colorado and have always oozed refinement, with perfect welds and mature, understated finishes. This 2015 Routt 45 has all the most modern gravel amenities like clearance for big 45mm tires, tubeless carbon wheels, and a SRAM Red AXS wireless drivetrain. It’s the type of gravel bike that you can plan to keep forever. 

Specialized Sequoia Expert - $2,849.99

[product-block handle="2018-specialized-sequoia-expert-l"/]

If you believe that steel is real, then the Specialized Sequoia is the bike for you. The rugged cro-moly frame will survive the worst you can throw at it, all while providing a blissfully comfy ride. Plus, it has clearance for big 45mm tires and stable, relaxed geometry for long stints in the saddle. The rugged frame also has plenty of mounts for bags and fenders, making the Sequoia the perfect option for long off-road tours.

Evil Chamois Hagar - $5,524.99

[product-block handle="2021-evil-chamois-hagar-axs-xl"/]

The wild-looking Evil Chamois Hager is all about progressive geometry. With a 66.67-degree head tube angle, low top tube, extra-low bottom bracket, and long reach, it fits and handles more like a mountain bike. With room for massive 700x50mm tires, a dropper post, and an Eagle AXS mullet drivetrain, it’s designed to shred harder than any gravel bike has before. Plus, it has a name that will give all the dads on your next group ride a good chuckle. 

Pinarello Dyodo Gravel E-Bike - $4,849.99

[product-block handle="2019-pinarello-dyodo-xl"/]

Yup, it’s an E-bike. Before you get your cables in a twist, there’s a good reason for E-bikes like the Pinarello Dyodo. Maybe you need extra support to enjoy riding. Maybe you want a little boost to hang with your faster buddies. Or maybe you’re planning the most epic gravel adventure ever and won’t survive without a motor. Whatever the reason, the Dyodo Gravel has got your back with a 240w motor discreetly placed in the rear hub. 

So those are our 12 top picks. What bikes do you have your eyes on? Let us know in the comments!

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