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QUOC Shoe Review & Guide: Simple, Stylish, & Refined Cycling Shoes

Quoc shoes provide performance without sacrificing comfort or style. We take a closer look at Quoc's designs, features, and fit, and explain its shoe line up.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Quoc cycling shoes are designed in London to provide performance, comfort, and a near-personalized fit for every rider. Most importantly though, they’re super stylish. There’s no flashy extras and no excess material.

Our team has been eyeing Quoc shoes for months, and we’re super excited to finally be carrying them at TPC. I’ll explain why we love Quoc and why you might too. 

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Simplicity is Key

Quoc founder Quoc PhamQuoc founder, Quoc Pham.

QUOC is an independent, British brand focused on designing shoes that are high-performance but still comfort-focused. It was founded in 2009 by Quoc Pham, a cyclist and fashion school graduate. Unsatisfied with the available shoe options, he decided to design a pair of shoes that he would want to wear himself. The key goals were comfort, fit, simplicity, and good looks. 

With sport-focused footwear, it’s much easier to make something complex than it is to make something simple. When you have a lot of material and pieces of fabric, you can hide imperfections. 

Quoc shoe workshopQuoc takes the opposite approach by hand-crafting its uppers from only one or two pieces of material. Not only is this more elegant, but it also means there’s less chance of the upper failing during a ride.

This design means the finishing needs to be better and the construction needs to be more precise and considered, which increases manufacturing costs but results in a better product. The upper is lighter, simpler, better ventilated, and able to adapt to a wider range of foot shapes. 

Quoc Mono II ridingIn Quoc’s words, this one-piece design allows cyclists to “ride without distractions.” Many shoes have lots of excess padding or a fabric lining, but Quoc shoes put your socks right against the synthetic PU leather or microfiber upper.

There is some padding around the ankle to help cushion and locate your heel, but that's about it. This might feel a bit odd initially, but the one piece uppers are malleable enough that after snugging them up, they disappear and you stop noticing them. 


Wet Weather & Off-Road Performance

Quoc shoes in waterQuoc's minimalist approach also really works well in the wet. There's not much padding to absorb water and the synthetic uppers are water resistant, so Quocs don't end up soaked and squishy. They do get damp, but they dry out very quickly too, which is perfect for consecutive wet days (it happens a lot in London).

Off-road shoe models use Quoc’s “GravelGrip” proprietary rubber compound outsole. The lugs on Quoc’s gravel and MTB shoes are very soft and grippy, especially on wet surfaces. They work well walking on rough trails and during extended hike-a-bikes.. 

Quoc shoes hike a bikeOff-road models also use abrasion-resistant microfiber uppers they are constructed with a tough rubber “color border” around the toe for more durability and protection. 

Eco Initiatives

One thing I appreciate is that Quoc packages its products with eco-friendly materials. While Quoc doesn’t use sustainable materials in the shoes themselves, the brand is conscious of its environmental footprint in other ways.  

Quoc is focused on making long-lasting shoes and it uses recycled packaging and biodegradable materials in its accessories. It is also committed to using resources minimally and replenishing what it uses. QUOC works with Tree Nation to plant a tree for each pair of shoes sold. Quoc has planted over 12,000 trees with Tree Nation so far. 

Shoe Fit: Quoc In-House Dial System & Insoles

Quoc Dual dialMy Grand Tourer XCs.

Many of Quoc’s shoes use a ratcheting dial system that is similar to the ubiquitous BOA dial but it is designed in-house and is proprietary to Quoc shoes. If damaged, they’re also replaceable. The intention was to provide a lighter feel with less resistance than BOA dials, while also providing finer, more precise adjustment. 

The clicks provided by the dials are very small, which gives you very fine control of the tension. The one thing to note is that the Quoc dials don’t click in the other direction to release tension. You have to open the dial and release the tension completely.

This might bother some riders, but I have many BOA shoes and never have an issue with models that don’t release tension incrementally. I usually only need to tighten my shoes during my rides. 

Quoc Grand Tourer II toeI did, however, find that I preferred the more expensive Dual Dial to the Single Dial to get a more precise fit. I like cinching my shoes down tight around the ankle to prevent heel slippage while leaving the forefoot loose. The Dual Dial made it possible to achieve my desired fit. Riders less picky than me will likely be fine with the Single Dial. If heel slip is a common issue you face, the Dual Dial or Lace models are probably preferable. 

Quoc’s higher-end shoe models also use Quoc's Natural Fit insole, which is shaped to cradle the foot with adjustable arch support and a dimple that puts the ball of your foot close to the sole. Lower-end models, however, do not have this adjustable insole, so some riders may want to add an aftermarket insole if they need more support. 

Quoc Shoe Sizing

Quoc shoe sizingQuoc provides a shoe sizing chart that you can reference after measuring the length of your feet from your heel to your longest toe (you can reference Quoc’s How To video). Take the longest measurement, add 5mm (0.2 inches), and then compare this measurement to the chart. Quoc recommends that customers opt for their nearest EU size, rounding up if they measure an exact half-size.

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Do Quoc Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

Quoc wide feetUnlike many Euro shoes, Quoc shoes do not have a narrow toe box. Quoc describes it as a “medium-fit toe box” that should fit the majority of average riders, especially with the amount of adaptability the one-piece uppers provide. They can open up very wide and expand to fit wider feet. 

I have wider (EE) feet and generally like to ride in Lake’s wide shoes. I found I was able to fit into my regular size 43 for the Grand Tourer XC shoe, but it was quite snug. I chose to size up one size to a 44 which was more comfortable. Quoc shoes aren’t as wide as Lake or Shimano’s dedicated wide models, but they are still quite comfy. Ultimately, fit with wide feet will depend on your actual foot shape, so YMMV. 

Quoc Cycling Shoe Model Guide

Quocs performance cycling shoe line-up consists of 6 shoe models. Quoc also makes casual and fashion-oriented cycling shoes (like the Quoc Chelsea Boot), but our focus is on dedicated cycling shoes because these are the models TPC will be carrying. 

In general, more expensive models will be lighter, and feature better (adjustable) insoles and stiffer (carbon or carbon composite) soles for more performance. 

Mono II Road Shoes

Quoc Mono II

  • Unidirectional carbon fiber sole
  • Dual Dial closure system
  • Vibration-absorbing insole with ball-of-foot pressure point release
  • Three arch inserts for custom-like fit
  • 3-bolt road cleat compatible (Look/Speedplay)
  • 244g (EU42)
  • $375

[product-block handle="quoc-mono-ii-road-shoes"/]

Mono II is designed for the speed-seeking weekend racer who's always looking for opportunities to compete with peers and thrives on KOM plaudits. Weight-conscious and meticulous in caring for their equipment, this rider seeks the highest levels of comfort as a means for adding miles and out-performing PBs. While appreciating quality and design, the priority of this rider is speed and efficiency above all else.

Escape Road Shoes

Quoc Escape

  • Carbon composite sole
  • Single Dial closure system
  • Reinforced guard protecting the toe cap
  • 3-bolt road cleat compatible (Look/Speedplay)
  • 255g (EU42)
  • $200

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Escape Road is designed for the all-weather weekend cyclist whose ultimate end game is an enjoyable ride. Often riding with similar-minded, cross-disciplinary riders, cycling is as much about conversation and experiences, as it is about leaving no road undiscovered. Unencumbered by weight concerns, this cyclist welcomes pockets of unpredictable terrain and seeks comfort above all else.

Grand Tourer XC Gravel Shoes

Quoc Gravel tourer XC

  • Carbon composite sole
  • Dual Dial closure system
  • Replaceable TPU spikes
  • Vibration-absorbing insole with ball-of-foot pressure point release
  • Three arch inserts for custom-like fit
  • 2-bolt MTB/SPD cleat compatible
  • 327g (EU42)
  • $310

[product-block handle="quoc-gran-tourer-xc-mtb-shoes"/]

Built for endurance racers and thrill-seeking off-roaders, the Gran Tourer XC is the shoe for pushing limits on challenging terrain. With a dedication to trail riding that leaves no level of technicality unexplored, this outdoor adventurer looks for equipment to tough it out with them.

Grand Tourer II Gravel Shoes

Quoc grand tourer II

  • Nylon composite sole
  • Single Dial closure system
  • Vibration-absorbing insole
  • 2-bolt MTB/SPD cleat compatible
  • 342g (EU42)
  • $265

[product-block handle="quoc-gran-tourer-ii-mtb-shoes"/]

Gran Tourer II is designed for the hike-a-bike cyclist who will stop at nothing to explore new terrains. Whether bikepacking or ultra-distance racing, this rider is never as content as when lost in the middle of the backcountry. Grounded in a belief that cycling is about the enjoyment of the ride, this cyclist prioritizes comfort in every scenario, whether hitting the fire trails and meandering on-and-off tarmac, or stopping to take photos and foraging for fruit.

Grand Tourer Gravel Shoes

Quoc Grand Tourer

  • Nylon composite sole
  • Double Lock-Lace closure system
  • Vibration-absorbing insole 
  • 2-bolt MTB/SPD cleat compatible
  • 352g (EU42)
  • $235

Quoc's original Grand Tourers are designed for the outdoor adventurer who relishes in the challenge of loading their bike for a long, unpredictable touring weekend. With a mutual appreciation of comfort and aesthetics and a nostalgia for leather panniers and steel-framed bikes, this gravel purist chases remote fireside experiences and picturesque escapes from the city.

Escape Off-Road Gravel/MTB Shoes

Quoc Escape XC

  • Nylon composite sole and TPU tread
  • Single Dial closure system
  • Spike compatible
  • 2-bolt MTB/SPD cleat compatible
  • 302g (EU42)
  • $200

Escape Off-Road is designed for the social mountain biker who holds an equal investment in speed and comfort, whether hitting local trails or taking on single track. This rider welcomes a variety of technical trails, feeling most at home on gravel trails, MTB jumps, and rocky roads.

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