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Best bike buys: Road

By Bruce Lin


Updated: January 6, 2021

Sometimes, the hardest part of cycling isn’t climbing, training, or hanging with faster riders — it’s finding the right bike. If you’re browsing our road bike selection here at The Pro’s Closet, you’ll find hundreds of great Certified Pre-owned bikes backed by a 141-point inspection and service and a buyback guarantee.

Which do you choose?

The pros closet certified pre owned and used road bikes for saleA Certified Pre-owned road bike being inspected at The Pro's Closet.

No matter your budget, you deserve a road bike that’s high-quality, reliable, and fun. Each month I’ll pick out some of the best bikes I find at each price point. These are bikes that I think are exciting, a great value, or just fun options for riders struggling to pick their next bike.

Every bike on our site is a snowflake, so once it’s sold, it’s gone. If a bike on this list has been sold, or it’s not the right size or price, don’t worry. The Pro's Closet always has bikes in stock. New bikes are added every day, so check back and you’re sure to find the right bike eventually. You can also browse all bikes or look through our In the Stand inventory to see some of the exciting new bikes coming soon to our site. 

Budget: $1,000-1,999

This is the entry level price-point. In our article on how much new riders should spend on their first bike, this is the minimum we suggest spending to get a bike that will ride well and last for years.

BMC Roadmachine 03 Disc Two - 2018, 56cm - $1,586.99
BMC Roadmachine 03 Disc twoThe Roadmachine 03 is an ideal first road bike for aspiring cyclists. It's built with a sculpted aluminum frame, Shimano Tiagra drivetrain, and modern disc brakes. It's affordable, but retains the same looks and performance focused design of BMC's high-end race machines.
Ritchey Road Logic - 2015, 49cm - $1,699.99

Ritchey road logic steel road bikeThe Road Logic is a classic steel road bike that will last forever. It was designed by Tom Ritchey, one of cycling's legendary frame builders. The steel frame provides excellent comfort and durability, and the classic geometry gives the bike a stable and relaxed character, perfect for hours of exploration in the saddle.   

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Budget: $2,000-2,999

These are the bikes you turn to when it’s time to get a bit more serious about cycling. Bikes in this price range will provide components and features that can take your riding to the next level.

Trek Domane SL - 2020, 56cm - $2,862.99
2020 Trek Domane SL road bikeThe Domane is Trek's ultimate endurance bike. It uses IsoSpeed frame technology to reduce vibration, provide a small degree of suspension, and maximize rider comfort. This particular Domane is equipped with cyclocross chainrings and a Shimano GRX rear derailleur to enhance its off-road capabilities. Fit 38mm tires and you'll have an ultra-fast all-road, gravel machine
Cervelo C2 105 Disc - 2019, 56cm, - $2,699.99

2019 Cervelo C3 105 disc road bikeThe C3 is Cervelo's endurance all-road road bike (and along with the C5, the predecessor to the new Caledonia) that uses more relaxed geometry, compliant frame design, and greater tire clearance to improve ride comfort, especially on rough road, light gravel, and long distance rides. 

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Budget: $3,000-3,999

These are great mid- to high-end bikes for discerning riders. They are built for people who put down big miles, ride competitively, and have the experience to know what they want from a bike. 

Giant Defy Advanced 1 - 2020, Small - $3,599.99

Giant defy advanced 1 road bikeThe Defy is Giant's all-rounder endurance road bike. It builds upon the racing heritage of the TCR series road race bikes, but has more relaxed geometry and comfort focused design for long stints in the saddle. It's perfect for riders who value efficiency, comfort, and speed, but don't want a twitchy, aggressive race bike.  

Trek Emonda SLR Project One - 2019, 56cm H2 - $3,699.99 

Trek Emonda SLR Project One road bike for saleThe Emonda is Trek lightweight climber. The frame reduces material to keep weight low while maintaining stiffness for agile handling, hard pedaling, and attacking out of the saddle. This Project One features a custom paint job that's sure to stand out in any group ride. 

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Budget: $4,000-5,999

Are you a serious rider who needs ultimate performance? Do you want an edge for winning races, taking Strava KOMs, or just spanking your friends? These bikes use high-end components and the latest technology to help you go faster. 

Orbea Orca Aero M10i Team-D - 2020, 55cm - $5,999.99

2020 Orbea Orca Aero M10i Team-D road bikeThe Orbea Orca Aero is a wind tunnel beating, race ready road bike. It's the perfect tool for competition, crits, fast group rides, and hard training. The M10i Team uses high-end carbon construction and it's built with Shimano's top-of-the-line Dura-ace Di2 drivetrain. 

Colnago C60 Disc - 2018, 52s - $5,799.99

Colnago C60 disc road bikeLegendary Italian brand Colnago is known for it's long history of building world class bikes and the beautiful, unique lugged carbon construction of its C-series frames. This gives Colnago the ability to produce a huge range of sizes to fit riders perfectly. With a Pioneer power meter and Zipp 3030 Firecrest wheel, this bike is ready for riders who want to maximize performance. 

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Budget: $6,000+

These are super-bikes that make no compromises. They are top-of-the-line rides and might be super-rare or special edition. If you're looking here, you're probably a true bike aficionado who needs very little help picking what you want. 

Specialized Aethos - 2021, 52cm - $7,865.99

Specialized Aethos road bikeThe Aethos is a future classic. Specialized threw out its own rule book and designed a road race bike focused on light weight and ride quality instead of aerodynamics. The result is a beautiful, classic looking bike with the lightest disc road frame Specialized has ever produced. Even with deep section wheels, this Aethos is in the 15 pound range. 

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