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Best bike buys: Road

By Bruce Lin


Updated: February 24, 2021

Each month I'll pick out some of the best road bikes at each price point from entry-level budget bikes to high-end dream bikes. These are bikes that I think are exciting, a great value, or just fun options for cyclists struggling to pick their next ride.

If a bike on this list has been sold, or it’s not the right size or price, don’t worry. New bikes are added every day. You can browse all bikes to see what's in stock or look through our In the Stand inventory to see some of the exciting new bikes coming soon to our site.

Budget: $1,000-1,999

This is the entry level price-point. In our article on how much new riders should spend on their first bike, this is the minimum we suggest spending to get a bike that will ride well and last for years.

Cervelo R2 - 2017, 54cm - $1,999.99
Cervelo R2The Cervelo R2 is an ideal entry-level bike for performance-oriented riders. You get a Cervelo carbon frame, similar to the high-end R3 and R5 models but at a budget price. The Shimano 105 drivetrain is a proven workhorse, ready for years of hard riding.
Trek Emonda ALR - 2016, 56cm - $1,899.99

Trek Emonda ALR road bikeTrek makes the performance and handling of the lightweight Emonda easier to afford with its ALR aluminum frame. This bike is a great value with a SRAM Force 22 drivetrain that has a Quarq power meter already installed so you can track your numbers and train with purpose.    

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Budget: $2,000-2,999

These are the bikes you turn to when it’s time to get a bit more serious about cycling. Bikes in this price range will provide components and features that can take your riding to the next level.

Ritte Bosberg - 2012, Large - $2,249.99
Ritte BosbergIf this bike were my size, it would probably be in my garage right now. Ritte is a small Californian company know for its classy bike designs. This Bosberg is a bit older, but it's going to stand out from everything else on the road. The Belgian colors are understated and give it a cool Euro vibe. 
Cervelo R3 Disc - 2017, 51cm, - $2,899.99

Cervelo R3This R3 Disc is a no-nonsense speed machine. With an Ultegra 11-speed group and stiff HED wheels, it's ready for training and racing. The light and responsive frame will help you shoot up climbs. Hydro disc brake will slow you on the way down. It's black, and all business. 

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Budget: $3,000-3,999

These are great mid- to high-end bikes for discerning riders. They are built for people who put down big miles, ride competitively, and have the experience to know what they want from a bike. 

Specialized Allez Sprint - 2019, 49cm - $3,499.99

Specialized Allez SprintThe Allez Sprint is an ultra-fast aluminum race machine. It's actually my current road bike. The frame is robust, stiff, and aerodynamic, perfect for racers who need something that will maximize their power, survive abuse, and achieve victory, all without breaking the bank. 

Pinarello Gan Disk - 2018, 54cm - $3,499.99 

Pinarello Gan DiskIt's orange, it's Italian, and it's beautiful. That's all you really need to know. But the Gan is also the easiest way to experience riding a Pinarello. It takes many of its design cues from the super successful, Tour de France winning Pinarello Dogma, but it uses a more budget-friendly carbon lay-up to provide a comfier ride at a lower cost.   

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Budget: $4,000-5,999

Are you a serious rider who needs ultimate performance? Do you want an edge for winning races, taking Strava KOMs, or just spanking your friends? These bikes use high-end components and the latest technology to help you go faster. 

Look 795 Aerolite - 2018, Small - $4,299.99

Look 795 aeroliteIf you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the bike you need. French brand, Look, is a leader in both carbon manufacturing and making hot, hot bikes. Hambini fans will know that Look carbon is often a step above the rest. And just look at the cockpit, the crankset, and the color scheme. There's nothing else like it.  

Argon 18 Nitrogen Disc - 2020, Medium - $4,099.99

Argon 18 Nitrogen discArgon 18 made our recent underrated bike brands list. For year, the Canadian company has been making some of the fastest road bikes on the market. The slippery Nitrogen aero road race bike is light, stiff, and able to sprint with the best. 

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Budget: $6,000+

These are super-bikes that make no compromises. They are top-of-the-line rides and might be super-rare or special edition. If you're looking here, you're probably a true bike aficionado who needs very little help picking what you want. 

Factor ViSTA All-road Disc - 2020, 58cm - $6,099.99

Factor Vista All-road discThe Factor ViSTA is a bit different from the other bikes on this list. First, it's an all-road bike that can tackle a wide range of terrain, including dirt and light gravel. But it's still aerodynamic, lightweight, and incredibly efficient. I've been riding a ViSTA for the last month, and I'm impressed with both the speed and comfort. Plus it just looks so cool with the ultra low seatstays and the bayonet fork. 

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