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Best of 2018 by Our Numbers

Here are our top 7 bike stats from 2018 by our numbers.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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For us, 2018 has been a great year in bikes. We’ve learned some interesting things over the past year and, as cycling nerds, we love looking at our numbers to examine how the industry and sport we love is evolving. Here’s what the numbers tell us about our 2018. Top 10 Bike Trends in 20181. Our most viewed bike - 2017 Pinarello Dogma F100 Giro d’Italia Road Bike

Pinarello Dogma F100 Giro Road BikeThe one bike that has generated more customer interest on our site than any other last year was this beautiful Pinarello Dogma F100 Giro D'Italia edition road bike. The Dogma F100 features a sculpted aero frame and Campagnolo's Super Record EPS groupset. It also has some blingy CeramicSpeed pulleys to help eke out extra watts and an SRM equipped crankset to track power data. Even with the high level of interest and flurry of inquiries, it's still available, just waiting for the right rider. 


2. Our most expensive bike - 2015 Pinarello Bolide Team Wiggins Time Trial Bike

2015 Pinarello Bolide Team Wiggins Time Trial BikeCycling has a long tradition of bikes with exorbitant price tags and this Team Wiggins Pinarello Bolide is certainly up there. Brand new this machine retailed for over $20,000. It has the Team Wiggins livery and a high-end build featuring SRAM Red eTap, a Zipp Vuka Stealth cockpit, and Zipp 808 NSW wheels. Last year we sold this Bolide for a wallet-busting $8000. It's made one lucky rider very happy, and very, very fast. 


3. Our top museum bike - Davis Phinney’s 1984 Olympic Murray Serotta

DAVIS PHINNEY 1984 OLYMPIC MURRAY SEROTTAAs a company, we appreciate cycling history and we’re happy that many of our customers share this same sentiment. Our vintage bike museum received a record number of visitors last year, both in person and on our website. Our most viewed museum bike was Davis Phinney’s 1984 Olympic road bike. Phinney, unfortunately, didn’t medal, but it seems plenty of people still feel nostalgic about this beautiful Serotta built Murray road bike.   


 4. Our hottest brand

Yeti SB5 Turq Mountain BikeOver the last decade, Yeti have built their turquoise brand into one of the most desirable around. They’re trendsetters and innovators, and have plenty of race success to back up their bikes. As a brand, Yeti generates more customer interest and messages on our site than any other. The Yetis we have don’t last long before they’re snatched up. Several of our shop shredders are part of the tribe and ride a Yeti as their personal bike. 


 5. Our most popular component upgrade

Reynolds Assault Carbon Road WheelsThe most popular upgrade our customers bought last year was carbon wheels, impressively for both road and mountain bikes. It’s no secret that the most impactful upgrade you can make to your bike is a quality set of wheels. As carbon has matured in the world of cycling it’s become even lighter, more refined, more durable, and affordable. Because of these factors, it seems that more people than ever are willing to make the leap from alloys and give carbon a try. 


6. Our top social post - Horsethief Bench Descent


People seem to love it when we post videos of our employees riding. The social post that received the highest amount of engagement from our followers was, surprisingly, me! In the spring we took a shop trip to Fruita, Colorado to ride some amazing trails. Horsethief Bench is a notoriously difficult feature that few try, and even fewer have cleared. I bumbled my way down it and was the only rider in the shop to manage it. I did dab at the end, and plenty of viewers messaged me to tell me. Hopefully, we can go back again this year so I can do it again.


7. Our staff’s favorite bike - 2016 Speedvagen with SRAM Red eTap  

2016 Speedvagen Road Bike

We polled our staff to see which bike featured in 2018 was the shop's favorite, and the results were surprising. A number of employees chose this unique, custom built, Speedvagen road bike with SRAM Red eTap. The bar tape color was divisive, but many still declared it the most lust-worthy machine to come through our doors last year. It goes to show, that in a world full of carbon, plenty of riders still believe that steel is real!