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MTB Review: Cannondale Scalpel Si vs. Bad Habit vs. Trigger 2 vs. Jekyll 2

By Bruce Lin


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Cannondale has been in the mountain bike game for a long time, and they've always pushed the sport forward with innovative technology and design. Their current mountain bike range spans the full spectrum of modern trail riding from cross-country to enduro. Whatever your goals or passion, there's a perfect bike for you. 

2018 Cannondale Scalpel Si

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The Scalpel is an XC race weapon that's taken plenty of victories. Light, efficient, and responsive, it uses Cannondale's legendary Lefty fork to create a bike that's fast both uphill and down. 

Cannondale Scapel

2018 Cannondale Bad Habit

The Bad Habit is a 27.5+ trail bike meant for having a ripping good time. It uses Cannondale's Lefty fork and plus tires to give you plenty of cushion and traction for constant fun.  

Cannondale Bad Habit Mountain Bike

2018 Cannondale Trigger 2

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The Trigger is an all mountain, all day, all trail conquering machine. It's built for big days of pedaling, but with modern geometry and plenty of travel, it's still a serious descender.  

Cannondale Trigger

2018 Cannondale Jekyll 2

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The aim of the Jekyll is to be the best enduro bike possible. It's built like a mini DH bike, capable of handling the toughest, gnarliest downhill trails you can find, yet able to be pedaled back to the top.  

Cannondale Jekyll


Check out our Cannondale collection here. 



Bruce is a writer who loves getting his bikes dirty, trying new tech, and riding tough trails that make him suffer for hours at a time. 

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