Radavist Arik Roper 26oz Water Bottle (Pair)

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Why We Love It
When it comes to creating fantasy landscapes for bands like Sleep, High On Fire, Earth, and Sunn O))), there's none like Arik Roper . His iconic imagery has graced some of the finest metal LPs from "Blessed Black Wings" to "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull." Being metal heads over here, obvs, we pinged Arik to design a capsule collection for THE RADAVIST.

The result is profoundly stunning. Featuring our jackal, armored and ready for battle, with a rider guiding it across an alien landscape. We're elated to have worked with Arik Roper on this capsule collection. Available now is a long sleeve t-shirt printed to look distressed, a silk screen poster, Purist water bottles, and a sticker.

"Proceeds the Weedian, Nazareth"
About This Item
  • Purist 26oz bottle with MoFlo cap.
  • Sold as a pair: 1 ORDER = 2 BOTTLES. Please note we are unable to accept returns for water bottles, so choose your quantity carefully, thanks!
Brand Radavist
Model Arik Roper Bottle
Type Water Bottle