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Mavic Sirocco Vest Red/Orange

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You feel it when you round the corner and a friendly tailwind turns into a biting headwind. Or when the rider ahead of you pulls off and it’s your turn at the front. The wind is an invisible force. Our Sirocco wind jackets and vests are ultralight, designed specifically for days when temperatures are mild but the wind is strong. Made with lightweight, strategically placed technical materials, they feature windproof panels on the front and stretch inserts on the sides and back area. This maximizes breathability, along with your range of motion. Each piece has a slim fit profile, so it won’t flap in the wind. They’re also ultra-packable, designed to easily compress into a jersey pocket with plenty of room to spare. This collection is named after the Sirocco, a strong wind that originates in the desert air of North Africa and flows north over the Mediterranean. The Sirocco can be felt from coastal regions to the Alps. Wherever you live and ride, Sirocco jackets and vests help you defeat the forces of wind. So when clouds blow in and the breeze picks up, or when you summit the climb and begin a blustery descent, you can stay comfortable, dry and performing at your best.

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