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Assos iJ.bonKa. Cento.6 Jacket

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ASSOS cycling apparel is synonymous with comfort and performance. All the same, it’s inevitable that certain items stand out as the crème de la crème of our range. The iJ.bonKa.6 cento jacket is equipment for riding in the most frigid conditions, and in response we’ve gone to extremes in conjuring superlative insulation, climate control and detailing. The technical magic is allied to an unbeatable slim tailored fit that is perfect for riding to your limits - quite the reverse of most winter gear. In sum, it is a winter bike jacket to beat all comers. At the heart of the protective powers of this winter cycling top is the composite of our insulating twinDeck foil of windproof and waterproof stratagonUltra with insulating RXQ. This trilayer construction is not only a great barrier when it’s freezing cold, it is impressively breathable. Indeed we have scrupulously ensured the iJ.bonKa.6 cento jacket has the right levels of protection in the right places. ASSOS cycling specific body mapping has informed the precise placement of 32 pattern pieces, 13 separate components and 6 different textiles. All of this outstanding technology is hidden behind a stealthy profBlack aesthetic, our exclusive design project for riding fast under the radar.

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