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Unbound Gravel Prep Video Series

Bruce is obsessing over every detail as he prepares his bike and body to take on the 200-mile Unbound Gravel race in June. Best of all, he’s documenting it all on our YouTube channel! Follow along as he explains what gear will get you to the finish.

Going Back for Vengeance

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Choosing the Best Tire Setup

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1x vs. 2x: Should I Keep Racing on a 1x?

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Waxed Chains are the Best Choice

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The Best Comfort Upgrades for Gravel Bikes

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How to Fuel for Long Cycling Races

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  • Things Don't Always Go Your Way: My 2023 Unbound Gravel Recap

  • Our Essential Gear for Unbound Gravel 2023

    You need grit, determination, and fitness to finish Unbound Gravel. But you also need the right gear. We've learned a lot from past attempts. These are the essential pieces of riding gear that we're taking to race at Unbound this year.

  • Why Don't Gravel Riders Mix Tire Tread Patterns?

    Tire selection is key for gravel races like Unbound Gravel. So why don't we see many riders mixing treads patterns front and rear to maximize speed AND traction?

  • Bike Check: What We're Riding at Unbound Gravel 2023

    What's the best gravel bike for taking on Unbound Gravel? We have a good amount of experience racing Unbound, and chose gravel bikes that will (hopefully) help us achieve our goals this year.

  • What's the Best Bike for Unbound Gravel?

    What gravel bike would you ride if you had to take on Unbound Gravel? I asked the bike nerds and experts here at TPC what they would choose if they could pick any bike from TPC's massive inventory.

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