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  • Rare Finds

    Bikes and frames that don't come around often - and when they do, they usually don't last long. Whether from a niche frame builder, a custom paint job, or a creative build that makes these bikes rare one thing is for certain, you'll be adding something truly special to your fleet.

The Radavist // TPC Collaborations

Our collaborations feature one-of-a-kind paint jobs and carefully crafted component groups designed to deliver a beautifully smooth ride.

Mosaic GT-2 45

With paint inspired by a mutual love of 80's vintage Land Cruisers, this collaboration blends the creativity of 3 industry pioneers: Nick Martin (TPC), John Watson (The Radavist), and Aaron Barcheck (Mosaic).

Sklar Super Something

Adam Sklar (Sklar Bikes) and John Watson (The Radavist) teamed up to create these one-of-a-kind Super Something gravel frames with Southwest inspired paint and builds ranging from shreddy to performance. There may even be a few framesets still available, if you prefer to build things your own way.