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Meet Jalen

What initially got you into bikes?

I started commuting by bike in college and when I moved to Colorado, I found offroad biking. Heading out on gravel roads really got me into bikepacking and later mountain biking.

Proudest cycling accomplishment?

Cycling the Baja Divide in 2018

Favorite bike memory? 

Riding up to my house after pedaling from Canada on the Great Divide.

What type of riding do you do? 

Bikepacking, Gravel, MTB

Favorite Trail/road to ride?

Anywhere in the South Platte of Colorado.

How many days a week are you currently riding?

5 days a week.

How many bikes are in your fleet currently? Have a favorite?

2 bikes - a Giant Revolt gravel bike and Giant Anthem XC MTB bike. The Revolt is my favorite for sure!

What bikes are on your current wish list?

A 2023 Giant Propel and Giant Trance X SL 

Do you have a bike you let go of that you wish you’d kept? Why?

My Surly ECR that I rode on the Baja Divide with. So many memories with that bike!

What’s your favorite thing about working at TPC?

We have an awesome team and big goals on the horizon. 

Any cool bike trips coming up?

I’ll be bikepacking racing the Colorado Trail in August of 2023 and racing the Arkansas High Country in October.

Do you prefer stock builds or putting together your own build from the frame up?

Absolutely putting together my own build. There’s too many configurations and components not to try something new or different! 

If building from the frame up, what’s your favorite build you’ve done?

My favorite build has been my current Giant Revolt. Carbon frame, bars and wheels, AXS drivetrain and the copper cassette and chain.

Frame material of choice? 

Either steel or carbon, and in my dreams I’ll own a Ti bike some day.

Are you a data geek?

Admittedly, I am. I’m training for some big races like the Tour Divide and incorporating data has allowed me to make much more intelligent and informed decisions in my training and riding.

Solo rides or group rides?

Both, there’s a time and place for both. 

Baggies or Spandex?

Keep it tight, keep it right. Spandex for sure, preferably by Velocio.

Favorite post big ride meal?

A burger, fries, and Coca-Cola!

Go-To during ride nutrition/snack?

Bananas and mixed nuts! And when I can find them, Peach Bobo’s!

How do you take your coffee?

Blackity Black Black

Favorite pizza toppings?

Sun-dried tomatoes and basil 

Where did you grow up?

Texas, baby!

Favorite cycling event to follow/watch?

Tour Divide 

Do you prefer morning rides or evening rides?

Morning rides! Yes, even in the winter ;)