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All-City Cycles

  • Serious Street Cred

    With a commitment to metal frames, classic designs and bold color schemes, All-City Cycles blends performance and attitude to stand out on the street.

  • Certified B Corp

    All-City meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact a company can achieve and is recognized as a Certified B Corp.

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TPC's Most Popular All-City's


Zig Zag

The All-City Zig Zag is everything a modern road bike should be: nimble, stylish, and comfortable. It combines All-City’s A.C.E. steel tubing with a light carbon fork to minimize weight and maximize comfort. The Zig Zag retains All-City’s signature style and brings modern endurance efficiency to road and gravel.


Cosmic Stallion

The Cosmic Stallion offers a versatile platform that can handle your daily commute and take you to the podium at your hundred mile race. Capable of fitting your ride style by accommodating both 700c and 650b wheelsets for versatile speed or maneuverability. Don’t be fooled by the classy A.C.E. steel frame; the Stallion features all the tech of a modern gravel bike to keep you rolling smoothly.

Single Speed CX

Nature Cross SS

The All-City Nature Cross is a single speed cyclocross boss. It sports strong, responsive, and bombproof steel tubing that'll quickly get you from the start line to the bacon hand-off to the finish line with both speed and style. But, the cross course isn't the only place the Nature Cross shines. Cyclocross bikes are known for their versatility and the Nature Cross is no exception with hidden fender mounts and clearance for up to 38c tires to make for a sweet single speed commuter or gravel rig.

All-City Cycles

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