Wilier Triestina Bikes

Wilier Triestina Bikes

Wilier Triestina bikes are one of the oldest marks in cycling, dating back to 1906. Grand Tour victories have come more than half a century apart — a testament to the legacy of their skilled frame builders. 

Wilier-Trestina Road Bikes 

Wilier-Triestina road bikes win races as some of the best in the world. Well-tested and race ready, these road bikes are straight from the pros in Italy. 

Wilier-Trestina Mountain Bikes 

Wilier-Triestina mountain bikes are light, fast, efficient, and fired-up! These XC-inspired mountain bikes give you a quick and exciting singletrack ride. 

Wilier-Trestina Gravel Bikes 

Wilier-Triestina gravel bikes are perfect for the high mileage adventurer or a quick after work escape. Their sleek Italian look and premium quality make them molto bene to ride.