SCOTT Gravel Bikes


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SCOTT Gravel Bikes

Scott gravel bikes have performance on the mind and a massive hankering to explore the rugged roads ahead. Wider tires, a stable geometry, mounting points, and supreme handling make them ready to roll through rough terrain. The Speedster gravel is a fantastic all-arounder that crushes endurance rides. The Addict gravel is a more efficient and fast performance-driven option, and the Contessa completes the women’s specific off-road lineup. 


Scott Speedster


The Scott Speedster gravel bike is the perfect all-around gravel option built for adventure and endurance. Taking cues from the Speedster road bike, it has a similar feel, but wider tires, front and rear mounts for mudguards and a rear rack, and a more stable geometry make it a quick, capable, and seriously comfortable off-road ride. For a versatile bang for your buck and an agile, nimble ride that can take on any road, check out the Speedster gravel.


Scott Addict Gravel


The Scott Addict Gravel bike is a lightweight, efficient and performance-focused ride with a road-bike feel that effortlessly negotiates gravel roads. Earlier versions were all-road race machines, while current models are designed to still be fast but more capable and darn right fun on gravel. Cargo and mudguard mounts, wider tire clearance, and a longer geometry create a comfortable, capable, and agile handling off-road bike. For a racier ride, check out the Scott Addict RC.

Scott Contessa


The Scott Contessa gravel bike is a women’s specific off-road ride designed for adventures on rougher terrain. The Contessa Addict Gravel is a lightweight race-ready bike that craves adventure and speed. The Contessa Speedster Gravel bike is a comfortable endurance-focused bike, ready to explore the backroads all day long. Women’s specific touch-points, colors, and tuning give the Contessa a tailored look and feel that’s as unique as you are. 


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