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Scott’s Genius is a trail bike with the suspension of an enduro whip. The result is lots of travel to tackle the roughest descents while still climbing well. The Genius started life in 2004 as a trail bike, but as designers refined it, they saw a way to add travel while keeping the bike light and tight for climbing. As per Scott, they can offer all-carbon frames, carbon frames with an aluminum rear, and all-aluminum models, giving everyone price and durability points they can love.  

2023 Scott Genius - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 Genius 900 Ultimate (Med)




Wheel Size


28.2 lbs

F: 160mm

R: 150mm


A big step for the Genius was in 2017, when Scott improved the rear with a four-bar linkage, returning, in a way, to the original 2004 design. The 2017 iteration comes with 150mm of travel and can be set up with 27.5” or 29er wheels; geometry is adjusted via “flip chips” to get the desired ride.  The latest 2023 Genius and Genius ST models come in 29er only with 160mm travel up front. The new suspension layout hides the rear shock inside the frame, keeping weight lower and operation cleaner. The latest comes with headset cups that allow you to adjust the tune for the ride qualities you want for 65 or 64-degree head angles. 

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