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Ridley Bikes

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Ridley Bikes was born in the heart of cycle culture: Belgium. Classic since ‘96, their builds help you fly free over cobblestone, grind through mud, or breeze over pavement. 

Ridley Road Bikes 

Ridley has long partnered with Belgium’s Lotto Team. Ridley road bikes suit well. The bikes are light, stiff, aggressive, and competitive, whether riding or racing. 

Ridley Mountain Bikes 

Ridley mountain bikes are the epitome of all-day riding in the woods, then riding home when you’re done. Balanced ride = more stoke. 

Ridley Gravel Bikes 

Ridley gravel bikes are as diverse as the gravel scene. They’ve got different vibes for different riders. Know your approach, and the right Ridley will reveal itself to you.