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Merlin Bikes

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Merlin Bikes set the standard for bespoke frames. The gorgeous titanium has topped the wishlists of aficionados for years. Yes, a Merlin bike is your love letter to cycling. 

Merlin Titanium 

Merlin titanium frames were crafted in Colorado since the beginning. Titanium is the ultimate material for true bike lovers. It’s light, impervious to rust, and rides like a dream. 

Merlin Road Bikes 

The Merlin Extralight is plain gorgeous. Whether you wanna build your jewel from a Merlin frameset or buy prebuilt, your Merlin road bike will be a showstopper. 

Merlin Mountain Bikes 

Merlin has OG MTB cred from its days in Telluride, CO. From vintage stunners like this 1994 Merlin Newsboy in our museum, to the modern Merlin Telluride hardtail, Merlin mountain bikes are some of the best you can buy.