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Jamis Bikes

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Jamis Bikes is one of the most versatile brands for the price, hands down. With a wide range of products, their bikes flex between intense comfort and well, intense intense. 

Jamis Road Bikes 

Ride under the radar. Jamis road bikes are often overlooked, which is a shame. The no-frills livery hides the fact that they make serious racing machines the pros ride and love. 

Jamis Mountain Bikes 

Jamis mountain bikes have been early to every MTB party. They put you in the right position to rip for all MTB flavors. Skip trademarked bits; Jamis is understated and over-prepared. 

Jamis Gravel Bikes 

Limits are only imagined. Jamis gravel bikes are quiver-killers. Add fenders, it’s a commuter. Add bags, it’s a bike-packer. Stripped down, it’s a racer.