Fat Chance Bikes


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Fat Chance Bikes

Fat Chance Bikes is kinda like your weird uncle. Ya know, the one that makes you laugh-cry at family gatherings. After a hiatus, it rebounded with striking, collection-worthy bikes in 2015. 

Fat Chance Road Bikes 

The Slim Chance, the Fat Chance road bike, is, as the name hints, fun. Minimal design means the bike disappears underneath you, as you put out miles and smiles. 

Fat Chance Mountain Bikes 

Chance, with east coast roots, helped redefine west coast-oriented MTB in the 80s. With time and tech, Fat Chance Mountain bikes have further refined the genre. 

Fat Chance Gravel Bikes 

Gravel isn’t one thing. Neither are Fat Chance gravel bikes. Chris Chance built something that answers “YES!” to every rider-related challenge.

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